Twelve Year Old Author Brianna Kiley Publishes

Many authors start their careers as young writers. In 1641, Francis Hawkins, 8 years old, wrote a book of manners for children called Youth Behavior. A child published a book for other children…

Fast forward to late 2017…

BRIANNA KILEY has written since she was old enough to hold a crayon, leaving her first autograph on a wall in a hair salon (in 2010). Kellie Gillette (hair stylist extraordinaire) still speaks of the time Brianna signed her name to the wall in her back room. She draws inspiration from school, her friends, her time in sports, and of course, her two rowdy brothers and dog, Kenzie. Brianna calls Iowa home.

“Inspiration is everyone; you just have to pay attention.”

Words from a Twelve Year Old

One day Brianna saw her mother’s books arrive from the publisher and said, “I should publish my book.” Her mother smiled, the wheels clicked faster within her head (she had already started the publishing process). Susan had waited for Brianna to decide to publish.

Susan spent the next several days collecting pieces of Brianna’s work. She asked Brianna to choose artwork closest to those of her doodles, and Brianna decided on the mock-ups of her cover. The book illustrations were purchased and the cover designer selected.

Publishing at any age is not about perfection…tell your story!

Brianna pushed forward through her fear of people seeing her. She knew her book cover ought to be different – fancy, detailed and grabbing people’s attention. Her mother and book coach urged her to select a cover that she felt comfortable and ready to publish.

Book Blurb…


School… For Brianna Kiley, it’s sitting through the monotony.

Thankfully her classes are filled with jokesters, arguers, and the shy. There is never a dull moment in the middle school hallways or the cafeteria.

Words on a Page is filling the ‘boring’ days of school with poems, short stories, and drawings.

Includes the unillustrated copy of Blorbs Adventures, by Brianna Kiley, and Rumor Has It, by Susan Kiley, a youth fiction series book.

Published Author by 13

Brianna published on Amazon on October 26, 2018. Check out her book! 

Her stats:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,484,798 Paid in Kindle Store

Brianna’s Amazon rank isn’t in the top 100…

What makes new authors and especially the young authors inspirational and inspiring is…they pushed through fear, wrote their story and published.

If you have a story, start today telling it through words. Your story doesn’t have to be perfect to be told. Your story matters – someone in the world is waiting to listen, to see and to read your story…

Go tell your story. I’m waiting with open arms…

You are one word away…

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