• Work with me and my team to write, publish and increase your sales and impact.
  • I will help you create a roadmap (strategies & solutions) to expand your brand and put yourself out there through a book, speaking or an on-line business.
  • Create powerful VALUE. Value brings AUTHORITY. Authority brings LEADS. Leads bring raving fans / customers. Customers keep your business (passion) growing!

At an event a brave lady shared a story that I think about while developing Author & Business Immersion, my private coaching experience. She told us:

“I started by sharing my story to one person, that then led to others that needed to hear my story. At the time I was single, broke and didn’t know what to do next. One story… I grew a business and got myself out of debt. Problem…I spend too many hours on my business and not enough on things I used to feel happy about.” 

Let me tell you something… I totally get how she felt. So many writers, entrepreneurs and business owners (you) understand too.

You work and work. You don’t pay yourself your worth. Your business grows (luckily) but there is no systems or road maps.

You forget about your life. You ignore important things in life, like personal relationships.

I launched my first business and physical product from my bedroom while running a transcription business and preparing for the birth of my first child.

My dream was to create this amazing organic product, sell millions and retire my husband. I thought I’d hire a team and make a difference…inspire people all over the world.

I opened a brick-n-mortar store and began writing. Again, I thought I would inspire people through my words and eventually begin speaking and sharing how I created this million dollar business from an idea.

I have inspired and worked with people all over the world. I’m an international 15x author in multiple genres and continue to work with eager entrepreneurs and aspiring authors with a story like you through the power of video, resources, programs and 1:1 coaching.

It didn’t happen overnight. Since 2005 I have continued to learn and grow – create systems and road maps.  

Foundations start with words and a story. I support others to achieve their truest happiness life from their stories – a journey I’d like to take with you.

That’s why I’m excited to announce:

I’m offering my deep-dive Author and Biz Immersion. It’s your opportunity to be among a group of incredible story tellers, writers and entrepreneurs working with me 1-1 and getting support from me and my team.


Once you complete your application, I’ll review it personally and will be in touch about your best next steps. I do all my own strategy calls with those I know I can support in taking their story and business to new heights. 
I do my own calls because I am working with you for the next six months – only I know if you and I are a good fit. I’m a NO BS person who takes action fast! 
I look forward to reading your application and hearing more about your story and how 2020 and beyond looks to you. 


This is my favorite part. Every month you get a 1-1 coaching session. Throughout the month (s) you have direct access to me via Voxer, but every month, you and me sit and talk via Zoom. smile

Together, we’ll see what is and isn’t working , focusing on your next 30 days. 

Your 1-on-1 time is a chance for you to have me give you feedback on anything you’re working on, answer any questions coming up to uncover challenges or blocks stopping you from progressing. The whole purpose is for you to continue hitting your goals. 

Ready to develop your CEO mindset…we’ll work on habits, routines and mindset of telling your story and building a sustainable business for years to come. 

Behind the scenes access to me, my team and business systems and practices, sharing the exact stuff I’ve used to share, scale, and serve more. 




Systems and the management of systems is key to any business. 

Twice a month we’ll discuss necessary tasks that keep you on the success path according to the road map you and I developed. 

Your time is valuable. Each task is bite-sized and manageable. As you develop and complete tasks, you’ll begin automating processes and make sure they’re running as they should. 




Your story is how you build your brand and business. Have you nailed your story and brand? If not, you are at risk of losing fans, readers, and potential clients or customers. 

Monthly group call all about content and copy, that’ll help nail your content and copy. 

Need help with headlines, email attention grabbers, sales copy, ads, podcast titles, video scripts…time to get feedback during these calls. 




Time to get clear on your numbers and your business. Most authors, speakers and business owners ignore their numbers. 

Q&A  sessions to discuss your specific business finances, without fear or frustration, for success and not failure. 

Do you have a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet or know where your cash flow is coming from. A successful business is data-driven and budget friendly.  


So Much More…

Marketing, Publishing, Automating… 

Transformation is more than just 4 parts…

Telling your story involves a holistic approach (and I’m not talking all woo-woo). If you want to INSPIRE more, CREATE more, and EARN more – a 360 approach is the way to do that. 


Create More. Inspire More. Earn More.

This is YOUR time…
Author & Biz Immersion is about teaching you how to tell your story, IMPACT others and build a profitable business.
Are you ready to share your story and IMPACT others?
Time for YOU to shine and invest in YOU!

Are you ready to share your story with others and make an IMPACT… writing and publishing a book, building your brand, or hiring your first team member. We’re here to help you! 

The program is NOT for people who want quick money or overnight success, or believe you have all the answers. 

Author & Biz Immersion is about coachable, action takers willing to take the leap. The program is a 6 month commitment. But you’ll find yourself immersed in learning and growing you’ll sign up for another six month experience. 

It’s your time to FORGIVE the past, LIVE in the present, CHANGE the future.”

Is it your time?

In order to begin this process to discover if I’m a good fit to help you and if you’re a good fit to become one of my private coaching clients, please complete the following application. 



If you’d prefer asking questions before applying, please reach out via email: and ask away! Susan ♥ getting mail. Please allow 48 hours for a response, Susan responds to her every email (not a VA).