Update Your Website For Best SEO Practices

Orig. 2016
Updated 2021

Update Your Website for Best SEO Practices

Update your website for best SEO practices in 2020. Finding what you need, when you need it, without the hassle increases your SEO. The original post in 2016, edited in 2020 is similar to this particular post. Why do I have two similar posts? SEO best practices. 

In 2016, I started diving deep into how to do SEO and best practices for my website and all the content I had accumulated over the years. I worked with someone who ‘knew’ what they were doing – no, they really didn’t.  

When you update your website, it is not a good idea to just delete old posts and pages. Instead, this person told me to create a duplicate and edit the new post. Being green, I did as was instructed. It was so wrong. 

Now, in 2020 I have almost all 500+ posts and pages fixed’ish. Not that they are all visable, many are still in draft mode while I slowly ‘publish’ – best SEO practices . The excerpt below is from 2016 with enhancements. 

Updating Your Website is Necessary

Updating your website is necessary to keep customers engaged and your content relevant, which has led me to update mine—striving for a fresh and engaging experience for 2017.

But, in doing so has not come without headaches and heartaches. What you will read is an updated post, keeping content real in 2020 and beyond. The original post curated in a frustrating 2017.

After months, okay, let’s be real for a moment. My website has been down for over two years… TWO YEARS!

I know what you are thinking, “Why?” Well, let me start by saying this, “do as I say and not as I do.”

That’s the reason. New Website for Susan Kiley appearing FALL 2017 is finally heading toward reality, and I couldn’t be more blessed with where it started.

I attempt to do it all. Mom. Girlfriend. Business owner. Coach. Mentor. Writer. Editor. Creator. Social Media Manager. Student. Shiny Object Chaser.

Whew! Can you relate?

In this article, you will learn:

  • Keep your content relevant
  • Shiny Object Content
  • Content Avoidance
  • What Holds Your Content Back
  • Experts of Content, and much more!

Let’s get into it! 

By the way, there are no affiliate links in this article. Affiliate links help keep the coffee fund topped up – but those links don’t change my opinion on anything I say about a product or service. 

Change Your Habits

Keeping Updated Website Content Relevant

Updating content to remain relevant is a chore, and you may want to consider hiring a professional.

You can employ bloggers, copywriters, or content creators to assist in keeping your website and content relevant. 

I attempted updating mine once, just like I try to do every aspect of my online business.

Here’s what happened: 

STEP 1: I obtained as much information as possible in as little time.

STEP 2: Applied said information.

STEP 3: I failed.

Through all the programs, coaches, and shiny objects I chased to keep content relevant, I failed miserably.

However, I learned that not one of them taught me what I needed to know to update my website to keep content relevant and engaging.

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Shiny Object Content

Are you one of those people who are easily distracted by shiny object content? How many programs, courses, or coaches do you purchase and hire every year to ‘teach’ you about content?

Just know you are not alone! 

Many people struggle with shiny object syndrome because they want happiness and success. I once joined a mastermind group with 15 of us (all seeking accountability). The group members met once a week via a Facebook group to get help from the leader. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that much farther ahead in business than we were. 

Chasing shiny objects will not keep your content relevant or get you any further ahead online. By the way, if you want to waste your money and see no return on investment (ROI), then keep chasing shiny objects online. 

You will lose hope and give up on your dreams. 

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Remind yourself that success and happiness as a content creator has ebbs and flows, just as in life.

Content Avoidance

So What Are You Trying to Avoid? 

Every person online struggles with one aspect of online business; the one thing I can not wrap my head around: WEBSITE. My brain works in STEP 1, STEP 2, STEP 3. Click and drag for dummies. All options available and no places for ‘potentials.’

I am the type of person that needs to have everything ‘in its place’ and everything ‘make sense’ where life is not complicated. 

A business is not complicated. 

Keeping content relevant is complicated if you chase shiny objects. 

But then again, I live in an imaginary land. HA! I want to know how to do my website and not rely on others, but a website’s backend is not in my wheelhouse.

Deciding on what aspect of content you are avoiding will help you become successful online. And, your audience will appreciate you for understanding why you are avoiding your content. 


What Holds You Back 

Finding people to support you is harder than you might think, at least in my experience. Most articles, coaches and ‘experts’ tell new entrepreneurs to surround themselves with a great team. 

Realistically, you can surround yourself with a team and will, in due time. When you are just starting out funds are limited and building a community or team to support your entrepreneur journey is tough. 

More important, however, you need support – people who have your back when the journey gets bumpy. 

My website holds me back!

Like many others, I hired ‘experts.’ I have hired ‘developers.’ And in the end, I was hacked, scammed, taken advantage of, and pissed off just enough to have very little faith and trust in anyone claiming to be a developer, expert or WordPress guru.

Blog Challenge Kit

The Real Experts of Content

Have you ever sat staring at your computer screen with tears plopping off the keyboard? 

Or you run to the medicine cabinet for the third day in a row because your head hurts from trying to keep your content  up-to-date?

I spent many days crying. Sending D.M.’s to experts for assistance without a reply. Getting on social media outlets begging for help. 

The result…

“I’m sorry.” “That sucks.” “I feel for you.” Experts who made a living doing WEBSITESCREATING CONTENT, and SOCIAL MEDIA. Nada. 

How can a writer, me, not keep content relevant and feel so dismal? 

Simple… keeping content relevant is  A LOT OF WORK! Overwhelming, to be exact! 

Expert and Guru Content Creators

Until I reached out to one, Peg Fitzpatrick, Goddess of Social Media and Content Creation, specifically Instagram! Her book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, co-authored with Guy Kawasaki. 

In desperation, I did a little crying on Peg’s shoulder and asked if she had any recommendations. I wanted her to lend a hand because I knew she knew what she was doing. 

Like others, she didn’t offer her services. Successful blogger and queen of Instagram, and she couldn’t assist me?

References and Resources for Content

Instead of helping me in the traditional sense, she offered references and resources.

The first didn’t pan out. 

The second, a guy named Jeff Sieh, who runs Manly Pinterest Tips, was my savior!

Jeff was a delight, and if he were standing next to me, I would have given him a HUGE hug.

Why? Because  Jeff referred me to a good, expert friend Jason. Jason knows his stuff.

“Let not fear stand in your way, for you could miss an opportunity.”

Upon taking Jeff’s suggestions, I am UP, RUNNING, and READY to kick 2017 in the WEBSITE arse!

Thanks to Peg and Jeff, and Jason, this post may never have happened without their generosity and support.

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