2021 UnCloned Marketing Book Review: Challenge The Norms With Profitable Marketing Campaigns

“Before an offer can be profitable, it has to be marketable.” -Audria Richmond

Have you tried everything to be profitable during a marketing campaign? Are you interested in learning how to challenge the norms with profitable marketing campaigns?

There are so many questions that come when you decide to launch a marketing campaign:

–> Do I need to keep with my brand?

–> How do I create the most bang for my buck? 

–> How do I get people to see me in a crowded space?

Audria Richmond recently challenged the norms and had a record breaking marketing campaign with her newly released UnCloned Marketing™ book. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the best ways to redirect and challenge the marketing norms. 

Consequently, Audria has helped me shape campaigns for The Success You Academy (currently closed) and Susan R. Kiley. If you are interested in learning how to challenge the marketing norms, join The UnCloned Tribe. You will not be disappointed with what you will learn and all things strategy. 

I did a full review of Audria’s book on YouTube. If you prefer to listen to my review, you can check it out on the Success You podcast. 

Uncloned Marketing

The Uncloned Revolution

Marketing is a fiercely competitive topic these days. People are realizing that the campaigns they once used are no longer effective for profitability. Old campaigns can serve as the foundation for marketing campaigns and business. Uncloning your marketing is a very specific and personal process. You can’t just follow the exact process of what others have or are doing. 

Why People Unclone Their Marketing

A lot of people start their marketing efforts by choosing to do as they’ve seen others do. But as their business struggles, owners want a different reliable solution that will keep them profitable. Many times, business owners are fed up listening to ‘experts’ and being a copycat. 

In other cases, people realize that they are not attracting the audience that can have a real interest in what they are trying to sell. It then makes sense to “UnClone” and focus exclusively on being different (instead of being like everyone else).

For instance, you might also decide to UnClone because you start to create products that you see a genuine need for in your audience that are not like everyone else’s. No matter what your reason for uncloning, there is a book that will help you do just that – UnCloned Marketing: HOW TO CHALLENGE THE NORMS WITH PROFITABLE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS with AUDRIA RICHMOND.

Creating a Marketing Campaign to Generate Sales

Generating profit from a marketing campaign requires innovation. So today, I’m diving deep into how you, as a business owner, can get more sales from your marketing campaigns.

While the world was in full pandemic, Audria Richmond was making bank with her innovative UnCloned Marketing™ strategy. According to her website, www.audriarichmond.com, she is a firm believer in being BOLD and UnCloned.

Your company can create the most innovative, jaw-dropping product or service ever seen. But if your offer is buried beneath the mass of marketing messages bombarding consumers every minute of every day, it will never make the money it should.

So, what’s a business owner to do?

When it comes to marketing, there is one solution. Figure out what’s never been done, put a strategy to it, and do it.

From establishing a bulletproof brand that audiences love and believe in to planning your big launch, UnCloned Marketing™ delivers a comprehensive blueprint for creating cash-generating marketing campaigns. 

In her fourth book, marketing and launch strategist Audria Richmond reveals the exact proven framework that her marketing firm uses to disrupt industries and drive sales.

Complete with kick-butt advice, repeatable step-by-step strategies, and proven case studies from popular brands, this book will help you to master marketing like the pros.

Whether it’s just you and a laptop or you’re running a large team, by the end of this audiobook, you’ll know exactly how to:

–> Establish yourself as an authority

–> Create offers your audience can’t wait to buy

–> Structure and launch an out-of-the-box marketing campaign from start to finish

Wow new clients and customers after the sale to position them for their next purchase.

Hold on to your analytics. Your marketing game just completely changed.

The Profitable Power of Trusting Yourself

Moreover, one of the things I have learned so much about from Audria over the last few months is how to challenge the norms of marketing. Audria loves to challenge ‘expert’ marketers and the ways campaigns were run. 

Certainly what I learned is you need to trust yourself and your uniqueness. When you’re talking about ‘marketing’ anything, your audience is those people who don’t want anyone else but you. 

Let’s look more closely at a marketing campaign as an author. A person who clicks through one of your ads and comes to your website is not familiar with you or your brand. BUT they are actively looking for what your book is about – a solution (let’s just say for a moment). You grabbed their attention via your ad – as the way everyone is doing it. 

Surprisingly, the amazing thing I learned right off the bat is your marketing needs to be YOU – not a copycat of someone else. To clarify: if your marketing is not you, everything about the campaign will feel ‘off.’ 

Choose Your Comfort Zone

We’ve all had the experience of being bombarded with ads that are so similar it is very difficult to tell one business from another. If you aren’t familiar with your comfort zone, you will be like everyone else. 

Consequently, campaigns come across generally like a huge blinking arrow pointing at a business owner who is selling something they don’t really believe in, they don’t believe in themselves, or they are not passionate to risk it all for their product and/or business

In essence, successful marketing campaigns are profitable when the business owner does what feels good to them – everything about their campaign screams, I am here to win!

To win, you have to innovate. You have to create. You have to introduce people to something fresh and exciting.

Audria Richmond

UnClone Marketing Defined

For this reason, Audria has a very successful business selling books, courses, and digital products. However, plenty of people see amazing success in following the Uncloned Marketing tactics for any type of business – even authors and brick-n-mortar businesses. 

Keep in mind that no matter what type of business you have, Audria’s tools, tricks and expert advice can only contribute so much to your marketing campaign success. If you want to win at marketing, you must be creative!

5 Must-Have’s of Any UnCloned Campaign

  • It’s unpredictable.
  • It’s disruptive.
  • It builds anticipation.
  • It calls your people.
  • It does not leave your audience to figure anything out.

In effect, not only does your campaign have to follow the above five, you too must “unclone” also! 

Therefore, the biggest issue most campaigns have is that the campaign is super confusing. If Audria reviews a campaign, what she typically sees is mass confusion and repeating what others have already done in their campaigns.

Basically speaking, there is nothing unique about the marketing campaigns on the market today.  

The common scenario looks like this:

  1. The business has not pushed their creativity muscle – to go bigger than anyone else. 
  2. The business has not invested in time or money. 
  3. The business is not okay if they flop.

The #1 thing you need if you want a profitable marketing campaign is creativity!

Wow them and you not only have a happy client, but you have a client who is well positioned to purchase the next product or service from you.

Audria Richmond

Ultimately, Audria says that once she unlocked her creativity – became more bold and loud – the more money she generated. UnCloning your marketing campaigns can be achieved for any niche/business.

In the long run, if you are wanting more out of your marketing campaigns – do what is currently not on the market – you need to UnClone your marketing. With this in mind, Audria took her new bold take on marketing and wrote UnCloned Marketing: HOW TO CHALLENGE THE NORMS WITH PROFITABLE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, so more business owners could become uncloned too!  

If you want to generate more buzz and ultimately more sales for your business, or for any service, ask yourself this question: 

How would my ideal client want me to show up – like a copycat or like a unique, bold business owner? 

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