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Ultimate Question for Entrepreneurs Resulting in Vague Answers


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The ultimate entrepreneur question with vague answers…

What is it you do?

As a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), I have been asked this question at least daily because most people (friends included) have NO idea what it is I actually do. I mean, they think all I do is sit at home and eat and watch television all day, potentially change a diaper or two.

I am an entrepreneur

Some think I “do fitness” meaning I go running and maybe lift a few weights. HA! Yes, I “do fitness” and “teach fitness” and even “judge fitness” but there is SO much more than I do with fitness. I love helping people with health and fitness…being better than they are at the moment.

I get great joy out of teaching adults and children, but children, they are my fountain of youth. I have enjoyed teaching hundreds of children in different settings over the years. Of late, I teach children how to do CrossFit (I do not own or claim to own CrossFit and its trademarks, etc.).

Kids are resilient, tenacious and full of life. I take CrossFit and adapt to CrossFit for Kids with fun, high-energy movements that the kids beg to come back time and time again. We do not lift ‘heavy’ and we are not trying to ‘grow muscles,’ rather I am introducing them to a different type of ‘exercise’ that is fun and always variable. A complete WIN-WIN.

Ultimate Question for Entrepreneurs Resulting in Vague Answers…

What is it I ACTUALLY DO?

Besides being a full-time mom of three amazing souls I run an online business– content and social media management, ghostwriting, editing, writing, publishing and creating an on-line program for aspiring authors. Whew!

What is it you do?

If…if I can help just 1 person who feels the way I have, then what I do as an entrepreneur is a SUCCESS!!!

My purpose in life is to help others in business and in life.

Best Wishes & Gratitude,





Susan R Kiley is the Best-Selling author of Extraordinary Ways to Simplify Your Life, A Resilient Soul and Never Lose Faith. Her SUCCESS YOU Transformational Programs; coaching and training focused on helping women harness the maximum power of their potential by leveraging A.C.T. (Accountability. Clarity. Transformation) for greater happiness. Susan also runs a digital agency HSL Media.

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