The Odds of Success for Authors

What’s the odds of success for authors. On this Success You podcast episode I research the top grossing authors of my time, and they make millions! 

Can You Survive Being an Author?

After researching and studying hundreds of authors across genres, this is what I know to be true…

If I continue to write, I will become “rich” according to Forbes or the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. And heck, maybe one day someone will interview me or write a post or news article about how many rejections I received, and how I am one of the wealthiest and giving authors of our time.

Do you think you have what it takes to survive the odds. Will you become an author?

Let’s talk about it!

2 thoughts on “The Odds of Success for Authors”

  1. Most authors are broke. Too many unqualified people trying to be authors. Worst is these authors selling courses because they think they are experts. I find it difficult to believe in any of the nonsense these days.

    • There are a lot of experts who I would highly recommend taking writing courses from, if you are interested.

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