The 100 Day Book Challenge

Start to publish

The 100 Day Book Challenge is getting you off your rump and start writing. 

Is it possible to write a book or even a great blog post that appeals to your readers AND performs well in search engines? Absolutely! And what about making you money to? HELLLLOOO, YES!  Learn how to write the ‘perfect’ book or blog post for search engines AND your readers.

How to Start to Publish

Let’s cut to the chase. If you want to complete the 100 Day Challenge, you must start today.

Waiting has gotten you, where?

Exactly the point. If you keep waiting, you will get nowhere.

There is a bit of myth that swirls round the inter-web  that a person who writes will make a ton of money and become an expert. Ummm, maybe, but most likely, not. 

I would like to set that myth right now! Because what happens when you write and publish, is often crickets. 

The sound of crickets is so loud, so let’s not say that. What we can say is that if you haven’t built an audience while writing your book, you will hear a pin drop after pushing publish.

Writers and bloggers are trying to solve a problem (at least most are), while fans and readers want help with their problems. People want to be able to get their answers quickly and easily and they want it in an enjoyable format that is easy and enjoyable to read.

How to grab attention

There’s numerous ways to grab attention of readers and fans. It’s not easy with more and more outlets demanding attention. All hope isn’t lost, yet. 

Let’s get to the juicy part of the 100 Day Book Challenge, because ain’t nobody got time to listen to a middle-aged woman ramble on and on about nothing. 

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  1. Are you going to have this again soon? I think it would be fun and I’ve been wanting to write a book.

    • Maybe in 2022, but for now, there are resources and posts you could check out. Life has gotten busy so I can’t devote enough quality time to holding a challenge.

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