The 10 Entrepreneur and Writer Vows for Success

Interested in writing your story or tackling your entrepreneurial spirit? This post will show you the 10 vows you’ll need as a writer or entrepreneur today.

Make Entrepreneurial Changes

For a stronger body, mind and business, learn how to take responsibility and think about making changes – with yourself.

 Living happy and doing what you genuinely love is possible – if you take responsibility for past and present circumstances and make a vow to yourself for positive change.

Being a writer or starting an online business (entrepreneur) is often a lonely journey. People will not understand why you’ve chosen the road of entrepreneurship or writing.

“The vow is to find a way to live happily and do what one truly loves in life.”  ~Susan Kiley

The vow doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or even defend your decision to tell your story. At its most basic, The vow is finding a way to dump the past, break the control of others, and defend every choice when you’re just starting – equal parts resilience and acceptance.

The vow becomes habitual – living in the present, rather than living in the past or constantly thinking of the future.

Much like The Secret.

10 Entrepreneur Vows

The vow is 10 action steps you as a writer, entrepreneur and person living life vow to do for yourself.

I found this years ago, so I’d love to take credit, but this is something someone else developed. If you know this author, please let me know so I can give amazing credit where it is due!

  1. Take Responsibility for My Life. I will own up to my role in my unhappiness and no longer blame others for my circumstances.
  2. Let Go. I will no longer waste my energy trying to control what other people think of me or trying to influence them to live their lives my way. I will be willing to open my heart to forgive myself and others for the past.
  3. Be Kinder to Myself. I will choose to see things differently when the voice in my head tries to put me down.
  4. Understand My Needs. I will take time to define my values and set boundaries so I can stay true to myself and what matters to me.
  5. Live Life out Loud. I will voice my opinion, stick up for myself and ask for what I want, remembering that we only have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.
  6. Respect My Body. I will prioritize exercise, eating healthy and attending to my spiritual needs in whatever way feels best to me.
  7. Grow. I will choose to learn lessons from anxiety and moments of discomfort or weakness, viewing them as exciting opportunities for self-growth and understanding.
  8. Create a Stronger Support System. I will spend more time with people who encourage me to be great and less time with people who keep me down and drain my energy.
  9. Make Time for Fun. I will carve out time in my schedule to do more of what I love and make time for whatever creative outlet gets me excited.
  10. Accept Me For Me. I will open my arms to accept myself for who I am – flaws, quirks and all. I will celebrate my uniqueness and begin to truly grasp my own worth.

Credit: Unknown Author.

Sharing your personal story or being an entrepreneur is okay. For life to be authentic, and therefor happy, you need to accept your decision and your vulnerability as you venture into both the writing and entrepreneur space. 

You have a story. Don’t let your story go untold – many people never let themselves tell their story, and there’s unhappiness and unhealthiness in that. Don’t be one to stay in that mindset. If not telling your story becomes a habit, it no longer gives you anything of value. You are creating your own unhappiness by not telling your story.

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  1. All 10 are good reminders one can use in life, business, writing, or relationships. I tried finding the author also. Thank you for sharing.

    • You are welcome, Bryan. I appreciate you looking. Maybe one day I can give credit where credit is due. 🙂

    • I appreciate you following and commenting. Do you have any vows? I’d love to hear 🙂

  2. I think you should expand. I’d like to know about each one and your journey, if it applies. Thanks.

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