SUCCESS YOU Planner to Achieve Goals

Susan R Kiley


A Practical Guide For Everyone

Stop thinking of doing!
Your story won’t IMPACT anyone if you don’t write it!
Recent studies show that 89% of people dream of writing a story, while 3% will actually write it.

What if you could be one of the 3%…. 

write your master story, make an IMPACT and have a lifestyle you’ve only daydreamed about?
All without feeling confused or overwhelmed trying to figure out what to work on next, even if you don’t know where to start…

I’m So Ready To Write, IMPACT and Monetize My Story

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The SUCCESS YOU Planner will teach you how

  • to get unstuck and get more done;
  • to identify the stuff of ‘unhappiness’
  • to identify goals
  • and so much, much more!


So you can live a HAPPIER and SUCCESSFUL life! 


Yes, I want access to the SUCCESS YOU PLANNER NOW!

Why SUCCESS YOU Planner?

To teach you how to achieve any goal through bite-size daily actions. 

Understand HOW to get unstuck

Learn HOW to be in the moment

​30 Tips for More Happiness

Motivation to stay on track

Discover how to live life your way

​Experience more freedom

​Live more productive

​25 Ways to add more HAPPINESS to your life

5 Keys to Happiness

Workbook- for daily DOING

​100+ Pages of Valuable Content

Motivational Quotes



Journaling Pages

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners


​Accountability Partner

…and much, much more! 


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Instantly download the SUCCESS YOU PLANNER that will show you how to live your HAPPIEST and SUCCESSFUL life.

… all so you can decide if writing or freelance editing is right for you.Get focused, and take action on building that dream life you want — from the comfort of your home, on your schedule, and without interrupting family time! 

Yes, I want access to the SUCCESS YOU PLANNER now!

She’s Got This Thing…

Susan is an amazing person – something that makes people want to be around her. She’s positive and energetic and that optimistic thing that keeps people attracted to her. She’s got it!

-Private Client

Positive & Engaging…

Brought Susan in to teach about writing and publishing – we’ve never had someone so accommodating, profressional and engaging. Brought resources to give to every attendie as an added bonus!

-Workshop Host

A Dream Come True…

You’ve made a difference in one person’s life. If it wasn’t for you, EMWY would have never happened. You helped me make a dream come true!

-JP, Author

Got Questions, I have answers…

Q: How and when will I get access to the class? 

A: Upon registration, you will receive an email explaining how to attend the class. This is an introductory email class.


Q: What will I experience in the class?

A: You will evaluate your current business and identify the simple reason why you are not profiting from your books. The goal is to have massive breakthroughs and a-ha moments so you too can IMPACT others with your stories and make some bills and coins while doing it! 

Q: Why does this class cost $?

A: Because our time is a valuable resource. If you pay, research suggests you will show up, participate and take action. 

I’m not selling anything, offering insane bonuses or pressuring anyone in attendance to buy something else at the beginning, middle or end of the class. I will provide additional resources throughout the course, all optional and within your scope and budget. I won’t sell anyone with scarcity tactics or sleazy marketing crap. 

Q: Can’t I just find this on the internet for free? 

A: Absolutely you can. If that’s what you want to do and it works, SWEET! I have found that researching produces a never-ending rabbit hole that leaves you more confused and frustrated without any results. 

Q: Why should I be learning how to write anyways? 

A: There are a lot of options when it comes to writing. 

So why should you focus on writing, even if you have no business being a writer or published author… because you MUST communicate with your audience, your customers, your fans, your peeps… You get the point. 

Online business, even if you have a brick and mortar store, requires communication – WRITTEN. Learning to write is a #1 asset ALL BUSINESSES (no matter the type) should learn how to do. 

Q: What if I can’t start the class right away?

A: Each lesson / class is delivered to you, for you to watch and take action when the time is best for you. I HIGHLY suggest you plan 5-30 mins each day to take action. 

Yes, I want access to the SUCCESS YOU Planner Now!

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Meet Susan, Your Planner …

Hi ya! I am a content creation and ACT (Accountability, Clarity and Transformational) Coach…

I’m an imperfect perfectionist who’s spent the last 10+ years helping people just like you share their stories to make an IMPACT on others.

I’ll show you how to probe, dabble and establish the success-based routines and habits that will propel you as you write, speak and share your story to create a reality from your dreams.

Ready to Destroy Your Dragons and become a SUCCEE YOU reality while  IMPACTing others? 

Everything I create, I build for people who want to make a difference in the world (and make money doing).