Success in Business and Life

Success in Business and Life

Vision, Goals, Plan, Execution will equal success when you choose to put effort into your business and yourself. If you want success in business and life, you must work hard. Follow the six simple ingredients of achieving one’s dreams.

🔥 Simple ingredients to achieving your dreams:

  • Vision
  • Goal
  • Plan
  • Execution
  • Fail
  • Repeat

When do we start dreaming?

My belief is as a child. Our dreams are reinforced by our caregivers. We are taught young to have a dream; the bigger dream, the better. “Reach for the stars.” 

Am I correct? 

In this article, you will learn:

  • Dreams to reality
  • Shiny Object Content
  • Work hard for success

Let’s get into it! 

By the way, there are no affiliate links in this article. Affiliate links help keep the coffee fund topped up – but those links don’t change my opinion on anything I say about a product or service.  This is an updated post from 2017. 

Keeping Content Relevant for Success

Updating content to remain relevant is a chore, and you may want to consider hiring a professional.

You can employ bloggers, copywriters, or content creators to assist in keeping your website and content relevant. 

I attempted updating mine once, just like I try to do every aspect of my online business.

Here’s what happened: 

STEP 1: I obtained as much information as possible in as little time.

STEP 2: Applied said information.

STEP 3: I failed.

Through all the programs, coaches, and shiny objects I chased to keep content relevant, I failed miserably.

However, I learned that not one of them taught me what I needed to know to update my website to keep content relevant and engaging.

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Dreams to Reality in Life and Business

Our dreams can be made up of anything and will fall into either: relationships, personal or financial. There is a potential to have multiple dreams. As a child, I had huge dreams of being a doctor and saving the world. Little did I know the Universe had other plans for me, and I did not become a doctor, nor have I saved the world yet.

Simply put, I always dreamed of financial freedom until I reached that and realized money could not buy happiness and, in fact, added a whole new set of problems. I always thought of being “wealthy” or “rich” by society’s standards would give me everything I wanted as a small girl who grew up in society’s standard of “poor.” 

Money brought great sadness, guilt, and loss of self. More on that later…

I also dreamed of children, a career, pets, and yes, the big house on the corner with a white picket fence. [Vision, Goals, Plan, Execution Equals to Success]

Achieve Your Dreams in Life and Business

By the way, how come no one ever tells you THAT fantasy/dream just does not exist? I mean, I got my ‘big’ house on the corner with NO white picket fence, not a fence at all because there is such a thing as a covenant in housing communities now, so no fences allowed. 

I did have pets initially, cats, but dogs didn’t happen until the kids came. Kids and pets add a whole new dynamic to your dreams or lack thereof when REALITY sets in and your DREAMS get lost.

Ahem…off the subject.

Yes, to achieve and get closer to YOUR DREAMS, you MUST, must work your tail off and keep at it through all the bumps and bruises that’ll happen along the way. Repeat this mantra: Vision, Goals, Plan, Execution Equals to Success.

Goals to Achieve Success

As a result, our goals must be clear and concise. Your way of getting to those goals and dreams comes from a plan; though sometimes we fail and our plans are greatly flawed, it is about the execution of the plan that matters, with all our ❤️ and might.

YOU MUST WORK YOUR TAIL OFF, give it 150% and more…yes, you may fail, many times fail, but that is what a DREAM is about. You will REPEAT until you succeed.

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