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Welcome! This page is your ‘quick start guide’ to all things Success You! 

Let’s answer a few questions you may have: 


Who are you?

The “young” old version of me: In terms of my career, I had a mediocre career as an inventor, business owner, entrepreneur and author. Then, divorce and multiple health crisis struck.

Despite my once personal success none of it was ever enough. I was never enough. I lived in a world of comparing myself to others. I lived in the past of what happened to me. I withdrew from relationships and life. I eventually got sick of constantly living in some form of stress, anxiety or overwhelm. I got sick of being sick.

 “Changing my perspective on the words I used to define who I was granted me freedom.”

The “NEW” Older Me: 

I’ve studied many of the greats who have come before me. I’ve had mentors, coaches, therapists and teachers – help me unlock my truest potential. I’ve developed a regular practice of exercise, meditation, visualization, gratitude, and transformative personal practices that allow me to wake up each day knowing who I am, and how to live life powerfully, creatively and happy.

And as I live each and every day, more and more free from the habitual patterns of who I thought I was – words, phrases, behaviors and patterns that kept me trapped, something incredible has happened . . . .

I discovered the ultimate happiness and success framework. A simple and powerful framework (that destroy’s our dragons) that will reshape a person’s life into an extraordinary life (or at least I sure the heck it does). 

There are no exceptions. We are all powerful humans, and it is time now to start believing and, more importantly, living it. I hope you’ll join me on this extraordinary journey of life – creating, building, doing that I get to do. Impactful. Purposeful. Intentional. More happy and successful – or, at least on the path of personal growth. 

You can read about my story, my life purpose, or see what I’m working on ATM.

What is Success You?

At its core level:

Success You (and moi) is creating the web’s most profound guide to the art of living a happy and successful life, whatever that means to you. There is no one way fits all type of living. Each person is unique, and so is their definition of happy and Success – we celebrate everyone! 

To get a deeper look into Success You and how it has evolved over the last few years, check out: What is Success You?

What Success You values: 

Success You supports creativity in a diverse world because creativity is what makes the world unique – which is YOU!

Success You promotes finding your purpose because the journey of life is understanding and living in our purpose – everyone’s journey and purpose is unique. We celebrate every person’s journey. 

Success You celebrates words, audiovideo, art, poetry – every type of individual creativity space – for success and happiness. 

Success You creates and shares content through posts, books, and other outlets to impact the world. 

Learn more about Success You

Who is Success You For?

You! Seriously. Anyone can benefit from Success You – happiness, success, personal transformation – designed with YOU in mind,

Anyone who is ready to find and create life purpose through creativity, 

You get weekly updates as new creative content is published (via Success You newsletter).

You get me as your personal unbiased or paid reviewer of books, products, courses, coaches, and more (via free summaries).

And, if you want to support the coffee fund and my addiction to strawberry milkshakes, you get the premium connection (via Success You Premium).

The internet, much like the world, is a ginormous wealth of knowledge and creativity. My goal for Success You is to be the go-to resource for your journey – in life and business. For you to follow your dreams, passions and live happy and successful – on your terms and in your unique way. 

What Success You Offers You

You get a growing resource of the most profound knowledge to maximize your happiness and success.

You get me as your personal guinea pig – what’s worked and what hasn’t in business, life, relationships, and parenting.

You get weekly updates as new creative content is published (via Success You newsletter).

You get me as your personal unbiased or paid reviewer of books, products, courses, coaches, and more (via free summaries).

And, if you want to support the coffee fund and my addiction to strawberry milkshakes, you get the premium connection (via Success You Premium).

What are the free eBook & Newsletter?

Happiness Life Plan eBook – The free eBook is delivered immediately in your welcome email. It covers happiness and success for life and business. Read more about the eBook. 

Success You Newsletter (Snippets) – Sent weekly. In a fast-paced world, it’s your weekly dose of creativity, life, business, and all things blogs and podcasts. 

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How can I dive into content?

I get you… I’m  a dive straight in kinda person too. Over 2020 and thus far into 2021, I’ve painstakingly uploaded, updated and added hundreds of posts to the site, but you can start with the most popular posts

Here’s a few options for you:

Or, if you want to check out my interviews, podcast or the Success You YouTube channel, please do so! 

Is there more interesting stuff about you I can find?

Woot! Absolutely. . . here are some of my personal favorites (books, courses, art, podcasts, blogs). 

Ready for inspiration, motivation and quotes? Here are the top quote posts along with my all-time favorites: Daily Mantras, Amazing Day Quotes, Inspirational Start Your Day Quotes, Happiness Quotes, Success Quotes, Resiliency Quotes

And of course, you can also use these as other quick start pages:

How do I just see snippets of the website before diving in?

I got you! There are three ways to search the full site depending on the device you are using: 

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What is the premium membership?

Success You offers exclusive member-only content that bridges the gap between why and how. If you’re ready to turn your ideas, dreams, and passions into action, it’s a one-time fee for lifetime access

There’s no monthly fees, tiers to access or any of the traditional ways membership programs are run. 

Sign up for the email newsletter (snippet), and you’ll get a coupon code in your welcome email. 

Membership details: Premium benefits, FAQs, and more. 

How can I support the site?

I would LOVE for your support. Please visit the Support page for a few financial and non-financial ways to support Success You. Anything is greatly appreciated!!


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How can I contact Susan + Success You?

Easy peasy. I’d go to FAQs and contact form here. If you are wanting to get in touch with me via email, email susan(at)susanrkiley(dot)com. While I may not be able to respond to every message, I do read every message received. 

Thank you so much for making it this far – supporting, cheering and overall being an amazing person who wants nothing more than happiness and success in your life. 

Here’s to your happiness and success, 

Susan Kiley

Founder, Success You

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