8 Super Motivation Quotes to Keep You Moving Forward

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Hi there! Looking for fourteen motivation quotes? Take a look at these quotes by famous people, created to inspire you to keep moving forward. You can print them out and hang them near you as a reminder when creative, life or business bad days creep in. 

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Since I’ve left social media, I’ve returned to reading inspirational blogs from incredible human beings – talented as heck!

Reading blogs inspire me. I feel creative. I want to be better at my blog because of other blogs. All I want to do after reading is… CREATE! 

Over the last year, I found social media to be less creative, more political (not the campaigning type, just not creative). 

Back in 2004, I met an amazing mommy blogger who helped me fall in love with blogging. She was a badass blogging superwoman. Through the years, I’ve started and stopped. I love blogging because I get to write and create. 

The two best options for reading blogs is either by:

To find creative blogs, you can either subscribe to your favorite ‘persons’ mailing list (so you get new blog posts emailed to your inbox) or use a reader app like Bloglovin’ and Feedly. I am not an affiliate of either of these, so be confident in the link provided. Another way, look up on Google your topic + blog. 

Here are a few blogs I read for inspiration… so I hope you enjoy them too!

  1. Alisa Burke
  2. Hayet Rida
  3. A Cup of Jo
  4. Rebecca Green
  5. Cookie and Kate
  6. Mr. Money Mustache

Motivation Quotes


Amazing Days with Motivation Quotes

Here’s what I love about motivation quotes / inspirational quotes, especially from famous creatives of the world – they remind me that having a sucky day is normal – everyone has sucky days.

What’s even better… it’s OKAY not to be okay!

I talk about the different ways to be happy and successful in life and business but rarely do I speak about the sucky days. But, I decided it is essential to share that despite my all ‘happy’ vibes, I have many sad, stressful, and sucky days.

Yup! Can you believe I’m human too? It’s ‘normal’ to be unhappy and stressed and a bit batshit crazy at times. But then again, what even is ‘normal’?

My point is, it’s okay to have sucky days because that is ‘normal.’ It’s also normal to go ahead and grab yourself a few motivation quotes that inspire you to keep moving forward. You don’t need 100, or 50… Heck, you only need a few to help motivate you. 


Are you looking for more inspiration or motivation? I’ve got 30 Daily Mantras and a related post 8 Strategies For a Happy and Successful Life you can take a peek at right now. 

My hope is you’ve found a little inspiration to make today an amazing day! I have hundreds of these, and one day, I’ll add to the motivation quotes collection. For now, these seven motivation quotes will help you keep moving forward to have an incredible day!! 

Do you have quotes that inspire you? What about books or videos that pick you up on bad days and that help you have an amazing day? Please share below so more people can have an amazing day too! 

Here’s to Your Success & Happiness,


Embrace the gifts you were born with. You have gifts that allow you to make it in life. It doesn’t matter what others say. You are good enough. Embrace your gifts. Keep moving forward.

Susan Kiley


Happiness & Success Inspiration

Happiness and Success are achievable, you have to believe you are worthy! 

I believe in you, you found this post and read all the way to this point. When life gets tough take a moment to breathe, remind yourself that “this too shall pass…” because it will. 

Keep going, Happiness and Success is just around the corner! 

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  1. J.D. Roth’s quote is a great one. I know my partner has books by Brene Brown, so she’d appreciate those. Thank you for your post, Susan. Just a little heads up. The title says 7, but the first paragraph says there are 14 quotes and there are actually 8 quotes in this article. Oops?! 🙂

    • Oh my stars! I am so sorry that post appears to be a hot mess. I’ll go in and fix. Thank you for looking out and letting me know.

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