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For Life (Happiness) and Business (Success)

To enrich what makes you unique and stand out in life and in business. Books I’ve read to help stand out, build a stronger and happier life, and success in business.

I have 20+ years experience in personal transformation, coaching, writing, publishing, marketing, social media, business strategy and building, and so much more. Books are ones I currently encourage others to read or those I am about to read. Reviews and all opinions are mine. 

Remember this… what you get out of each book is relative to your situation at the time of reading the book. You may or may not like a specific book, and that is perfectly okay. I encourage you to dive in and open your world to new ideas, concepts and stories.  Here’s to all your happiness & success! 

Books By Susan

Extraordinary Ways

extraordinary ways to simplify life

Susan Kiley A Resilient Soul Book

A Resilient Soul

Never Lose Faith Book by Susan Kiley

Never Lose Faith: Strength for The Journey

Broken to New Beginnings

Broken to New Beginnings

Color Happy Coloring Book

Color Me Happy

Dear Entrepreneur

Dear Entrepreneur: Journal, Notes, Resources

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