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Ep 01: Podcast Launch

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Updated: Sept. 2021

Years ago, I launched a podcast called, “Writer Insider,” that I loved. However, once I was inside of a mastermind, the name was quickly changed. Why? Well, despite being a writer and wanting to talk with all sorts of writers, I got out of my lane, because I didn’t want to teach writing anymore. Probably could have made me a millionaire, but I didn’t have the passion or love for teaching writing, like a few others who were in the group making a killing with teaching writing.

Podcast Launch Writer Insider

After a lot of thinking and figuring out what it is I really want to do for my legacy, I decided on Success You. I mean, hello!! Here’s what I came up with: Reality based strategies for getting your life and business under control. Tips that work for real people in real life. 

Yes! Every part of me was so connected to this simple statement. 

  • Real as it gets. CHECK!
  • Simple as I come. CHECK!
  • Living the struggle bus. CHECK! 

 Yes, I’m living the real life where struggle and figuring stuff out is life. I’ve been taken for thousands of dollars, and had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest internet marketing millionaires (real people who care about people). But, my true love is working with honest, hard-working, real-life people who just want a happy life.  Though this episode says, Writer Insider, to the core, it is Success You. Where I was in 2019, to where I am in 2021. Thank you to everyone who continues on this crazy journey with me… I like to call LIFE! 

Writer Insider Podcast Launch

Where the podcast all started in 2019

Welcome to my first episode of Writer Insider with Susan Kiley, in which I give you a quick run down of what the podcast will be all about. 

Among other topics, I’ll discuss: 

  • How to find our way through this crazy thing we call life.
  • The meaning of life…is there such a definition?
  • Relationships.
  • Confidence building.
  • Finding a mentor.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Writing as a Business

I’m going to help guide you through this crazy thing we call life: from where you are now to where you want to be and learning, laughing, and heck, you may even cry along the way… . By something I call the Writer Insider. 

Discover how I got my start, how I manage my ventures, family and personal time, how I became poor, rich, broken, successful, and so much more! 

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As you can see, my first several episodes in 2019 were geared toward a business and branding that didn’t align with who I truly was. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. I lost my way’ish. That’s what happens to a lot of people (entrepreneurs). It’s okay. If you notice, I kept going. I persevered! 

I believe you have everything you need right now to do everything in life to be happy (and successful) if you want. Let’s do this, together! 

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