3 Important Keys to Personal Transformation for Happiness and Success in Life with Susan R. Kiley

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Upping your personal well-being in 2020 is one of the most important transformation moves you can make as a person, more so as an entrepreneur. And having the tools that gives you the most bang for your buck is super important. 

So, let’s dive into 3 Important Keys to Personal Transformation for Happiness and Success in life, and determine if it’s a good one for you. 

Today, I talk about why personal transformation is key for entrepreneurs looking for success and happiness. Can you have both? 

Yes! I truly believe, as I’ve seen others achieve wild success and happiness, and I’m living proof you can have success and happiness in life.  

So, if you are curious as to how to achieve happiness and success in life and business, listen to the episode.  A bit of warning: what I discuss here in this article is not what is spoken on the Success You podcast episode: Why Transformation is Key for Entrepreneurs. This article is all about the key elements to personal transformation for success and happiness

While most people reading are looking for business – life balance resources, the information and strategies provided can work for you. My deepest belief is that before we can be successful or have happiness, we must master personal transformation. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Personal Transformation
  • Why Habits Are Important
  • How Motivation Impacts Your Success
  • Leaving the Past Where it Belongs
  • And, of course, whether it’s the right course for you


Let’s get into it! 

By the way, there are affiliate links in this article (most likely)-that’s to keep the coffee fund topped up – but those links don’t change my opinion on anything I say about a product or service. 

What is Personal Transformation?

Simply put, personal transformation is changing who you are to the person you want to be through a series of new habits and routines. 

A quick Google search provided 499,000,000 results pertaining to personal transformation. Holy buckets! There are topics like “Why is personal transformation important?”, “What is an example of transformation,” to “6 Crucial Steps For a Powerful Personal Transformation.” 

Here are my top article choices if you want to skip this article and read in-depth research by masters of personal transformation. 

  1. How to Find Personal Transformation by Deepak Chopra.
  2. The 5 Principles of Personal Transformation by Best Year Yet founder Jinny S. Ditzler. 
  3. 5 Must-Do’s for a Successful Personal Transformation by Success.com

Why Habits Are Important For Personal Transformation

Feelings of overwhelm as you begin to think of making a personal transformation is normal – because changing who you are is scary – even if it is necessary. Therefore, it’s important to break personal transformation into three bitesized keys. 


Key #1: Introducing New Habits For Personal Transformation

To begin, determine the specific habits you’d like to change in your life. It could be as simple as not drinking soda or eating an entire bag of potato chips. You want to improve your health. 

Achieving new habits that stick around for the long-haul is not easy. I love potato chips, but my family history (dumb genes) does not. I’m a salty kind of person, not sweet… though a homemade banana cream pie… So, when I needed to introduce a new habit of not eating potato chips, I stopped buying, even for my children. 

Habits take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. 

Health and wellbeing are an essential part of the happiness-and-success formula, and one of the biggest keys to achieving them both. When you do not take care of yourself by choosing to eat unhealthy, binge drink, or not exercise, our bodies and mind suffer. 

What’s the answer? Habits! 

Habits require dedication, persistence, and patience. 

No one said happiness is the key to success would be easy to achieve.  

While it’s okay to indulge now and then in certain unhealthy activities (a glass of wine or slice of cake), for the most part, people find it difficult to stop at just one drink or one slice. Our body and brain are complex systems – motivation and desire are altered when we choose to participate in unhealthy activities. 

Hence, forming new habits lead to a personal transformation, while happiness and success follow.  

Change Your Habits

How Motivation Impacts Your Personal Transformation Success

In my own experience, and with people I’ve spoken with, motivation plays a significant role in success with personal transformation. 

When I finally decided to change my life, my health, I stepped into a gym for the first time in years. It was the most challenging day of my life because I didn’t know what to expect and I was afraid of judgement. Internal motivation stepped in recalling the hurtful and shameful words that initially drove me to a transformation, “you could tighten up.” And, I knew to be the best mom to my children, I needed to improve my health

Woman particularly find themselves isolated and disconnected when their life changes – marriage, children, etc. To overcome isolation, joining a gym is a huge motivation for many – community building without judgement. There are people who have incredible internal motivation to change their life, and then there are many, like me who need a mix of internal and external motivation to keep moving in a direction that will lead to shedding the past and forging a new successful me. 

I stumbled upon an incredible article by Kelly Brogan, MD: 5 Stages of Transformation, and it’s a doozy! If you are still curious and want to learn more about personal transformation, I’d suggest Googling her website and checking out all her articles. 


Avoiding Business Burnout

Leaving the Past Where It Belongs for Happiness and Success in Life

If you are wondering how you leave the past where it belongs… in the past, it’s not as easy as ‘forgetting.’ 

To successfully accomplish this part of the transformation I sought a professional therapist. I needed someone who supported me, since many were actively resisting me. 

The biggest takeaway: you do not need anyone’s approval to transform your life

As I began to speak my past I found it no longer became my truth – I held onto the past because it felt more comfortable, when in reality it was keeping me hostage. 

Subsequently, letting go of the past helped me become the happy and successful person I am today, as a person, a mother and a business woman. 

Key #2: Complete Personal Transformation in Baby Steps

Habits require time, and most big habits are made by taking small steps daily over a long period of time. 

Personal transformation is no different, and will not happen overnight. Often you will feel like you take one step forward then five steps back. That’s the best part about personal transformation – a journey all of its own. Other days, you’ll take mountain like jumps in a matter of a day or two. 

Those that succeed are the people who realize the reality of the journey of personal transformation, and don’t give up because of the set-backs. Prepare yourself for the journey to take longer than you expect, or you feel like you’re not making progress. 

Sometimes, you need a little guidance or a helping hand, in that case, reach out to a mentor or coach. 

Key #3: Be a Learner of Personal Transformation

At the very least, find someone online that you appreciate and are encouraged by their story. 

I take personal transformation serious as a single mom and a business woman. I research, read, take classes and continually learn from others who have created inspiring personal transformations. Why reinvent the wheel? 

Remind yourself that the people you are leaning into and learning from may not be 100% applicable to your personal transformation, that’s okay, take the bits and pieces and apply as you see fit. 

I love reading or listening to incredible stories of transformation, often I find myself bawling like a baby, that’s the power of finding others to inspire your personal transformation. 

BONUS KEY: Personal Transformation is Not Comfortable

Walking into the gym for the first time in years – uncomfortable. 

Not driving thru my favorite fast food establishment for the greasy and salty fries – uncomfortable.

Listening to a friend share his story of going dry – uncomfortable (for the both of us).

Transforming your life is uncomfortable, often necessary for your overall physical and emotional well-being. Understand everyone goes through the uncomfortableness of the process, so accept it, and embrace it.  


Is Personal Transformation The Right Course For You? 

To be happy and successful in life, yes! Personal transformation is key to living a full life without regrets in my opinion. 

Your well-being is essential to long-term happiness and success. Everything boils down to you being the best version of who you were meant to be. This process is a journey, a marathon and not a sprint. 

You will be uncomfortable. 

You will lose family and friends. 

Remind yourself WHY you wanted to embark on a personal transformation, and keep moving forward. Continually tell yourself that set-backs are part of the process and your transformation is happening despite the roadblocks and bumps.

Successful and happy people of the world all created personal transformation in their lives. Yes, many were made fun of and harassed. Expect the same. Why? Because people are uncomfortable and jealous of others who see a better way of life – who want more out of the one chance at life we are given.

I learned a long time ago that when people do not support your change – the person you become – they are not the people for you. And, you know that what you are doing is the correct path for you and your life.

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