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Trends come and go, however I believe if you stick with something long enough you will succeed! 

[Updated 12/17/20]

I am… 


What am I focusing on these days? This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

Sad but true, there are no trips ✈️ planned anytime soon. This greatly dissatisfies me as I love to travel. We can all thank Covid-19 for the stay-at-home year. 

So instead, I continue writing the Success YOU newsletter. In the latest issue, I explore how we can start new habits in preparation for the New Year! Success You’s January newsletter is full of inspiration, motivation and of course, action items! There are FREE resources available and so much more. Don’t forget to subscribe. 😉


Books I am reading:

“The Freelance Content Marketing Writer”. Author Jennifer Goforth Gregory is an incredible content marketer and writer. Everyone starts somewhere and reading about her journey is inspirational. It is a good book to get anyone started on freelancing as a content marketing writer. My review will be available to read, listen and watch in the coming month – stay tuned! 

“Are You Ready for The Yes”. If you haven’t read anything by Audria Richmond you are missing out. This is Audria’s first book, though she has a total of five at the time of writing this NOW update. Marketing, branding and being YOU is what Audria is all about. You can check out my opinion of Are You Ready For The Yes

“The Tumor”, by John Grisham. Mr. Grisham is one of my favorite storytellers of all time, and this non-legal story doesn’t disappoint. 

“Love Struck”. Sweet YA fiction story by moi, Susan R Kiley. Generally speaking, I don’t re-read the books I’ve previously written, but I am updating my blog and this required me to dive into Love Struck again, on Audible. Included with the updates are FREE chapters! 😉

What I’m creating during DecemberSuccess You YouTube channel is popping with Vlogmas 2020, Motivation, Content, and a bunch of holiday goodness. My subscriber and watch times have increased by over 200% in less than 30 days! Thank you Covid-19 quarantine – without spending uninterrupted time – Success You wouldn’t have successfully grown, now. 

Also creating in the month of December is several mini-courses, eBooks and finishing a couple fiction books I started last year. Yes, that’s a lot of writing and creating content – I love it! To give you an idea of how much I’ve written in articles alone, 100,000+ words! 

The written word is like my second language, and though I am not the most eloquent writer, I get my point across and people seem to enjoy reading what I write – so there’s that! 

What I’m binge watching at night: Netflix, Prime and PassionFlix shows. 😁 Hey, I’d love to say I watch documentaries and actual mind-blowing educational stuff, but I don’t. When I find time to sit and watch a movie, I choose a mindless touching and often romantic (and potentially sexy) movie. True story. But, I always wait until the kids are in bed or it’s my day with no kids to watch PassionFlix, not that I have to explain myself. 😁

Hobbies: Writing, playing cards, and cooking new keto meals. I also started a few online courses on techie stuff recently. I should pick something like art, painting specifically, but I didn’t. 

What I’m listening to: Success You Podcast, of course! I learned a valuable lesson at the end of November, beginning of December. Lesson learned: I can not wait to pre-schedule all 30 days of episodes because I have a limit on the actual storage of episodes. I knew, but I had never attempted to upload 30 days worth + past episodes I hadn’t released previously. A big lesson learned; costed me a ton of stress and frustration. 

Started a new podcast series: Five Minute Friday on Success You Podcast. Motivation meets action in under 5 mins! 

Now page is intended to keep me accountable and moving forward with all things Success You, KILEYMEDIA and Susan R Kiley. 

Goals for January 2021: 

  1. Continue to increase Success You subscribers on YouTube and Podcast. 
  2. Land 3 new clients! 
  3. Generate $ via books, courses and memberships.
  4. Launch newsletter membership (started 2 years ago, never finished).
  5. Blogging my heart out

2021 is a year of growth for many, especially me. Every year I make ginormous goals for myself and my business, and one thing or another happens causing me to not achieve my goals. In 2020, I had a major surgery resulting in 9 months of physical therapy and of course, Covid-19 struck the world. 

2020 is almost over and 2021 will soon arrive.

And, Pinning, Tweeting and Posting the #successyou!

That’s all for NOW!