Motivate Yourself Today: 3 Super Easy Ways

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Motivate yourself through three super easy ways – today! You can motivate yourself in three super easy ways leading to an increase in happiness and how you see yourself. Motivate yourself through three super easy ways – today! Think back to a time when someone inspired you. It could be a person you met while waiting in line at the store or bumped into as you rushed through the city. You may have read a motivating and inspiring story on the internet or in a magazine. Whatever the case, you can motivate yourself in three super easy ways leading to an increase in happiness and how you see yourself.

Motivate Yourself

If you are like most people in the world, you’ve read an inspirational or motivational book, article, or blog post. Heck, you may listen to audio books or podcasts. These often highlight incredible struggles and journeys of what someone has had to go through to become happy, or for some, to survive. 

Often, the stories are about the pain a person had to endure and all the challenges faced to survive or to achieve happiness.

Finding ways to motivate yourself is often easier said than done, am I correct? I can tell you to go outside and let the warm, bright sun shower you with happiness, but I can’t pick your ass up and shove you out. You have to do that. However, even though everyone has challenges in their life from time to time, more often than not, there are ways to find motivation.

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Where to Find Motivation

Blogs / Articles

The internet gives us plenty of external motivation opportunities – if we allow ourselves to see, hear, and feel. As you can see, ‘how to motivate’ is a hot topic written by hundreds.


Do a quick search on YouTube, and you will find hundreds (if not thousands) of videos of people speaking about motivation, happiness, and a plethora of other inspirational topics.

My favorite YouTube videos on motivation and inspiration include the Success You channel: 


One of my favorite ways to find inspiration and motivation is in books. Currently, I am sitting at a cool 631 Kindle Books. Sure, that’s a lot, but it includes all my book genres like business and romance, not just self-help and motivational books.

What I find most helpful is to first download a sample. If I enjoy the sample, I’ll buy the Kindle or Audible edition. And for those I really enjoy and want to highlight and reference, I buy the physical book. 

Personally, I have a (physical) book addiction which is why I had to declutter and free myself of over 1000 books. When finding ways to motivate yourself, you can choose books, videos, podcasts, or a combination of them.

Basically, find the medium that will have the most significant impact on you. Here are a few of my paperback books and those on Kindle. 

Podcasts are another great way to listen to people who are inspirational and motivational – in life and business. Of course, I’d love for you to check out the Success You podcast on your favorite platform and make it a habit to tune in to every episode. 

Motivate Yourself

If you get a chance to check out Success You or any other podcast, please take thirty seconds and leave a review. By leaving a review (good or bad), this lets us know how we can improve and what content to keep creating for our listeners. It would sure mean a lot to me and all other creators in the world! 

Bonus Ways to Motivate Yourself

Sometimes, you will be lucky enough to meet someone who truly inspires you with their story – filling your heart with warmth.

I met this gal once at an adult store, somewhere I wasn’t familiar with but needed to research the book I was writing (under a pen name as it was steamy). I never thought in a million years I would leave the store with humility, warmth, and motivation.

We all need others at times to motivate us – to help us see the happiness when the skies are dark – life is too heavy.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your happiness and for motivating yourself. One of the most common things I see in people is watching, listening, or reading too much. Many people begin their day looking for someone else to make them happy, to motivate them. Stop.

Motivate Yourself

Let’s face it; there will always be days or weeks that seem to fly by where you don’t feel like you’ve managed your time well. Motivation is lacking. Of course, there will be times (hopefully often) where you feel like, “I’ve got this shit down!” 

The biggest thing I had to learn – forgive myself when shit hits the fan. Most of the stuff that goes wacky in my day, completely out of my control, so why am I blaming myself for things I have no control over? 

Wake Up Early

If you lack motivation, I know this may sound counterintuitive – waking up early when you lack motivation. However, if you create an excellent habit of waking up early to enjoy quiet time to yourself, you will see your vibration rise. During this time, you can meditate, journal, or read while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea.

Being a morning person, I generally have no issues rolling out of bed and starting my day before the kids need to wake up, even on those lackluster motivating days. Nothing is more energizing than watching the sunrise with a warm cup of coffee in silence.

Final Thoughts

Remember that no one has a superpower of happiness or motivation – they put the necessary work in… every. Single. Day.

Most people work hard to motivate themselves to not only be happy but to continue being happy. They make a conscious effort (a choice) of happiness, even when times are not as pleasant.

Try not to spend too much time listening, reading, or watching other people motivate you. At some point, you must take action (that feels good to you) to get going with your motivation and happiness. Sometimes we need a little extra ‘motivation’ to feed us to take a step. That’s okay; keep reminding yourself how incredibly amazing you truly are!

Keep moving, one step at a time. You got this!







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