Change Your Life By Using The 4 Letter Word Love Often

Journal Entry: 1/25/2016

Updated: 9/13/2021

Change your life by learning a four letter word. 

A simple word to spell, difficult to learn: love. 

When you look back on your life as a 20-year-old, what do you think of? 

Do you sit and contemplate the choices you made as a young adult? 

Or do you think of what you learned and discovered? 


Changing my life in 2016 

Life fell apart years ago when I divorced. My steady stream of income, gone. My books not selling well. I can’t imagine keeping up an author’s life. Churning out books is not as easy as it once was. 

But it’s not just about money. 

Above all, I desire happiness, success and love. 

I love helping people write incredible stories, and I love writing books that inspire others to take action. I’m actually lucky, so why would my life look crappy?

Well, despite all the crappiness heading into 2016, there are positives, really. 

The past year wasn’t so much about life, although at times I struggled with that. 

Learning a four letter word, that is where I struggled. Learning to change your life is scary and difficult. 

Most of all, I found the ability to accept another person’s love.   

Learning to love myself

What has surprised me the most about last year, 2015, is how much I’ve developed into a stronger person. About what truly matters to me. And, all the garbage that doesn’t mean squat. Learning to build bridges and walk my happy arse over them. 

I’m trying harder this year to not listen so much to the noise of others, and be okay with silence. 

In my love life, that means taking care of my current relationship, but also my own. I choose to nurture what brings significant love. 

I teach others to find their inner calmness, but perhaps even more for me. More than before, I don’t follow the norm and do what fills me with love. To discover, learn, and be okay if I fail. Change 

4 Letter Word to Change Your Life

I changed my life 

Thanks to people like Brene Brown and Mya Angelo, their books inspired me to love myself more. 

I walk into 2016 feeling appreciation for myself. When we do the inner work, including reading articles like A Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love, we change our life. 

Using New Year’s as a way to continue changing my life, I’ll use a self-kindness goal instead of an exercise goal. 

Exercise and heal are important, of course, however a goal of love for myself is top priority. 

The one thing that would make me happier in 2016, would be writing more. I neglected writing – something I absolutely love to do. 

Being creative – writing – is food for my soul. 

For years, I forgot how love feels

 I’m a private person. I don’t like letting my walls down. I don’t give my heart away easy. I’m without a doubt overly sensitive. 

But, I’ve learned I can love others and allow others to love me. 

I’m not a drinker, but I love socializing, to build a community of people that love one another. I have super intuition abilities, so I easily pick up on what others might not. 

I might not give my heart away easy, but it helps me weed through the nonsense. I’m learning to accept that it doesn’t matter if I give it away less to love deeper. 

43 years, and I’m finally learning the word love

 You are never too young (or old) to learn something new. 

We are incredible humans with a tremendous capacity to love. 

And that truth is inside of us. 

We have to go through the ups and downs of life. By finding the courage to truly accept who we are. Piece by piece. 

As you head into 2016, what does love mean to you? What are your New Year resolution’s? 

Self Love

Love to change your life

Whether you have love for another human or self-love, love is incredible. 

I will always be an eternal optimist to love and find there are people who love unconditionally. Everyday is an opportunity to accept me for who I truly am. Just as you can too.

The change 2016 will bring, is believing in both outside and inner love. I understand each year I will get better at it. The change I hope will help me, to just be me. 

 A four letter word

As I journey into 2016, I will continue exploring and discovering how to authentically love myself and others. 

I will practice being tender with myself and allowing myself time to recharge. 

Love doesn’t mean shutting others out, quiet the opposite, actually. And, as I continue to work through letting my walls down, I’ll accept love

In conclusion, love can not be forced. I concluded a long time ago love wasn’t a real thing. Unfortunately that was not correct. I now understand the four letter word: love is real. 

And, I am deserving of it!

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