Happiness and Success: The History of Success You

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If 2020 didn’t prove to be the year of “I’m so over it!” then I’m not sure how else to qualify a year or moment in time where you were just over it. 
Can you relate to being “over it”?
If you missed our previous article, 3 Important Keys to Personal Transformation for Happiness and Success we discussed why personal transformation is so important to a person’s well being. Success You was born out of Susan’s personal transformation leading to success and happiness. Alternatively, you can listen in to the podcast episode on Success You below regarding Susan’s take on, Why Transformation is Key for Entrepreneurs. 
By the way, there are affiliate links in this article (most likely)-that’s to keep the coffee fund topped up – but those links don’t change my opinion on anything I say about a product or service.

By the way, there are affiliate links in this article (most likely)-that’s to keep the coffee fund topped up – but those links don’t change my opinion on anything I say about a product or service. 

Are you done with excuses?

Done with excuses…

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Fed up with your current situation and ready to make a significant change in your life – full force – sans excuses. 

2015 was my ENOUGH year.

I was utterly done being sick and tired and fed up being thousands of dollars in debt. Credit card and medical bill debt were kicking my arse. 


Yes, there are many stories of entrepreneurs saying they were in debt and needing to change their situation. I was over $36,000 in credit card debt primarily due to medical bills from multiple surgeries. 


Unlike others who talk of being broke and having no way to get themselves out of debt, I knew how to get myself out. But, the anxiety and stress of the weight of debt, unbearable. Never knowing if I’d have enough for food for my children that week, not knowing how much I could afford to spend to make money to pay off the debt. 


Here’s where I find it difficult to talk about getting myself out of debt in relation to others who are in significant debt. Many people (successful entrepreneurs) state they are in $25,000 debt or more with NO clue how to pay it back. However, they invest in $10,000 plus courses or coaches


Help me understand that thinking? If you are already drowning in debt and stress, how are you able to get even further in debt with the hopes of recovering the additional thousands of dollars? 

Investing in More Debt

Let’s dive into the two scenarios of investing in more debt while drowning in debt. There is this thought amongst some entrepreneurs that to be successful, you must take risks. These risks include investing in yourself. Investing in yourself by adding credit card debt. Magically, once you invest in $10,000 – $30,000 or more courses, you will become as successful as the person peddling the course. This will solve your debt.

Here’s the problem with that mentality. To become successful will take years – 2-10 years. During this time of growth and success, you will inevitably incur more debt. I mean, how can you not? If you are already drowning in debt, add another $10,000 or more in debt while working a course and ‘hustling.’ How does one have time to pay off the debt?

I’ve been so fed up with my situation, desperate for it to end, the debt to magically go away. In 2015 I was fed up with my life, my debt, and wanted it to end. I made a significant promise to myself to change my situation. Changing my situation, like many people, take patience and preservation.

Ironically, I started on this journey BEFORE I was in dire need and before any of my books were completed, including A Resilient Soul. The idea of a successful six-figure business was burning inside me, but I was still putting the pieces together. I had developed a product. I had owned a physical retail store. I had life experience, credentials, and perseverance well before I was drowning in debt.

I remember sitting and thinking a long time about what a mindset coach said to me once, “Susan, your business success is directly correlated with your mindset around money.” I knew that if I could master my money mindset, then I would dominate business. Way easier said than done. 

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Happiness and Success

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Happiness and Success Mindset

My happiness and success mindset started with my money mindset. And what an eye opening experience. 

My money mindset journey began by pulling out all the courses, books, and notes I had spent years purchasing (shiny object syndrome) to magically make me successful when in reality, they all collected dust. 


Money mindset requires patience, acceptance of failure, and a lot of perseverance. I dove into podcasts, books, YouTube videos, and all my antique master coaches classes. I was so determined to build a positive relationship with money that was so strong I would never feel the stress of debt or insecurity of success again. I no longer wanted the stress of debt and the associated feelings clouding my judgment as a single mom to three beautiful children. 


From my money mindset journey, I picked up tools, rituals, ways of thinking, and most importantly, completely 360’d my money mindset. Tears of overwhelm I felt in myself for successfully believing I deserved money versus the tears of drowning in debt was unexplainable. 

From my experience, I was inspired to create another book called, Never Lose Faith: Strength for The Journey and a subsequent course: Happiness.

Happiness and Success
While I was invigorated writing the book and course, I wanted more for myself. I wanted others to not only hold a book in their hands, but I wanted them to be able to gain incredible value and inspiration wherever they were – walking, driving, or riding a bus or plane. I decided to interview and hire my first audio narrator to read Never Lose Faith: Strength for The Journey in its entirety.
I chose an amazing gentleman. He finished the book in under two weeks. I remember the day I was walking back from my daily 2.5-mile walk, receiving the email the ‘draft’ was ready for listening before approval. I immediately hit play and heard for the final half-mile of my daily trek – inspiration. Reaching my front door, I was in tears – the person who wrote the incredible words that filled my ears – breathtaking. Being so lost in this man’s voice, I forgot I had written those words – me – the words were my words!
I had a book that anyone, anywhere in the world, could commit every day never to lose faith in whatever journey in life that person was on. Today, Never Lose Faith (#NLF) is not only became a #1 Amazon Best Seller on its release date, but it is one of my most significant accomplishments. 

Never Lose Faith was the START of Success You.

Whether you read or listen to the book in one setting or choose to go chapter by chapter – one a day – you receive a new concept, tool, or way of thinking around mindset without the overly complicated structure of many books. It’s your interactive resource that will give success in your life HAPPINESS and help you realize that money is nothing more than energy.

I have seen it repeatedly happen for others, and it is the very process I’ve used up until now to give gratitude for the money I have today – to be a Success You.

You can do it too, but it will require work and patience. I’ve struggled and wanted to end my life. I’ve had my fair share of “enough is enough” moments, just like you and thousands of others. Life will change when you commit yourself to change.

“Nothing will change until you change.”

Happiness and Success YOU

Success You is about the success you have in life, business, relationships… YOU! If you’re ready to challenge yourself, be grateful for what you do have, and Never Lose Faith, grab your copy of Success You Manifesto or Never Lose Faith book and watch your life begin to change. 

I’m rooting for you! Here’s to all your happiness and success!! 


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