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Write For Us | Guest Posting Guidelines

Every writer and blogger starts somewhere.

Why is it so difficult for new writers and bloggers to guest post on websites? 

It shouldn’t be! That’s why I am finally accepting high-quality guest posts for Susan R. Kiley website. 

Wanna join in the fun? 



  • Exposure to organic traffic from search engines. Most of my readers find me through organic search, so you have the potential of getting recurring traffic infinitely. 
  • Social promotion via my many newsletters to my email list subscribers. 
  • Pin, post, tweet and gab about you on a rotational basis. 
  • Link to your site that helps with the most crutial piece of article writing – SEO!

What I’m Looking For In An Article

  • A high-quality article with 800-1500 + words – the more words the better. 
  • 100% original content. This isn’t PLR crap, spammy crap, or anything that is found elsewhere on the web. Look, be you and write what you are passionate about that fits within this website. Easy peasy!
  • Simply put, write relevant content for my audience: i.e. content creation, transformation, blogging, social media, writing, publishing, entrepreneurship, etc. 
  • Check your grammar and spelling. Let’s be concise and not all fluff either. 
  • Choose a link for your author bio for the end of your article. No call-to-action to download any type of freebie except in the bio. 
  • Target keyword for SEO best practices.
  • Interlink to my existing posts where relevant. Trust me this is easier than you might think.

Elements of a Good Guest Post

  • Researched based facts
  • Concrete results and tangible takeaways
  • Expert round-ups
  • Hard data
  • Experiments you have done – personal experience
  • Step-by-step how to / instructional articles with screenshot images
  • Anything else that you believe makes a good guest post

Are You a Good Guest Post Fit?

Wanna write for Susan R. Kiley? Are you a new writer or blogger? Cool! I love newbies and experts alike. There’s something raw about new bloggers and writers I find intriguing, maybe because I miss being ‘new’?

If this sounds like a good fit, contact me here. Please, for the sake of bots, you must address me by my name with your article idea(s). 


What to include in your pitch: 

  1. Links to your website and what you do.
  2. Articles you’ve written (if you are new, no worries).
  3. Let me know you read this page in your email. 

If accepted, you will need to send a draft in a timely manner. 

If you are unable or unwilling to comply with any of the above, we are not a good fit. 

On that note, I look forward to seeing your incredible writing/blogging and personal skills in my inbox today! 

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