5 Ways to Say Yes to YOU for Personal Transformation

Updated: 8-24-2021

Are you ready to say yes to you? Let’s address personal transformation – all about saying YES to YOU for impact. One of the most common comments I hear from people when I talk about YOU or saying YES to you is,” I don’t have the time in my life – there’s no more time for me if I want to do all this other stuff.”

Here are 5 Simple Ways to find more time for you. Time to carve out the necessary ‘you’ time you deserve for personal transformation happiness!

5 Ways to Say Yes to YOU for Personal Transformation Happiness

YES to YOU is Important

Hey, there! Thanks so much for joining me on this episode of the Success You podcast, formerly, The Writer Insider.

So in this episode, I’m going to help you find time to say YES to YOU for impactful personal transformation! 

How do you spend the most time in your day? Because the things you are spending the most time doing may or may not be the best use of your time, and probably is taking YOU time away from you. 

5 Simple Ways to Say YES to YOU

  1. Instead of Social Media, journal, write, read.
  2. Instead of house chores, take a walk.
  3. Delegate. [isn’t that what children are for? 😉 LOL]
  4. Meditate daily.
  5. If it doesn’t warm my heart, I don’t do.

Your time is about finding more time for yourself and less time on stuff that deprives you. We all need time throughout the day to recharge, reset, and find balance again – it’s safe to say if you don’t find balance and YOU time, you will be cranky and often in a worn-out and depressive state.

How to Find More Yes to You Time

  • Journaling

I choose to journal or write every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes. I need that time for myself. It is what fuels my heart. Besides, I find social media to be a huge time suck, and a lot of it is negative, so I choose to say YES to things that make me feel good inside.

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Yes, chores and life expectations need to happen, especially if you’re a single parent. I get you – I have three, and balancing it all is a challenge. Finding me time is difficult throughout the week.

Sometimes, my time comes at 11 pm; not ideal, but it is what I can do after the kids are taken care of, and the chores are completed. I have learned over the years my kitchen can be a mess and the floors not shining before going to bed.

  • Delegation

I’ve also learned over the years the beauty of delegation – delegating to my children. They are old enough to take on responsibilities and help me out – and I’ve found they don’t mind helping (most of the time); they are pre-teens and teenagers, so…


  • Meditation

Meditating daily has been a HUGE lifesaver. Hey… please don’t knock it until you try it. I used to be the person laughing and saying I can’t do it, or that’s not for me.

Meditation takes practice and time. I started with 5 minutes. I am a person who can not focus and sit ideally. So 5 minutes felt like an eternity. I eventually worked up to 20 mins.

And… OH MY GOSH! What a difference meditating has made for my overall life. I get it might not be for you, and that’s cool. 

Trust In the Yes to You Process

Believe in the process of saying YES to YOU…I find ME time the ultimate way is: if it doesn’t warm my heart, I don’t do. 

I genuinely believe that one shouldn’t do things that don’t feel good to the soul. Sometimes this can be difficult, I get it, but overall, I believe there are always options and ways to feed the heart with warmth.  

Trust. Believe. Prepare. 

I often say I trust and believe in the “Universe.” The Universe has my back, my side, and all parts of me, and I need to prepare for what is about to happen, even when I have setbacks. I allow myself that moment or sometimes a day of self-pity and wallow in ‘why me’ land until the voice inside is louder and has had enough, “YOU CAN DO IT! Get your booty up and do it again.”

The Inner Voice

I believe our inner voice knows best – best how to say YES to you and NO to all the other stuff in life. 

I surrender to the voice, pick my booty up and keep pushing forward—through the muck, darkness, and setbacks because I know the Universe has a plan, and that plan does not involve sitting on the couch with a bag of BBQ chips, a Root Beer and a series of sappy movies. But hey…sometimes we need to do just that, for saying YES to you. 

Believe. Choose. Move. 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to say YES to YOU.

When I say YES to me, it’s about keeping myself grounded, sane, and moving forward – it’s not selfish; it’s brilliant. Every. Person. Must. Do. Something. For. Self. If you don’t, you will end up being burned out, lonely, cranky…the list of negatives is endless.

So, if I’m choosing YES, then I focus on two aspects of my life that mean a crap ton of happiness: writing and exercise (health).

Choosing YES to YOU!

I choose writing. I write and write. When I knock off the 1st draft, I celebrate. It’s a celebration-worthy exercise, after all, because it represents accomplishing something that 99% of the human population will never achieve. Sure, a lot of your friends and family will say things like, “I’ve meant to write a book. I can’t find the time.”

You can feel good – the knowledge you possess in that they have no idea what writing a book takes. So celebrating the 1st draft is a HUGE feat!

But, after the celebration, the real work begins. I’ll talk about the actual work in a separate podcast and blog post because what happens after the first draft requires its own space.

Besides choosing YES to write, I choose YES for my health. I know this sounds easy to say; implementing is way more complicated.

For me, I spent four months in bed when one health crisis after another plagued my life. I went from the top of my health to the bottom – laying in bed, unable to do much as my body healed.

The journey of saying YES to myself again was difficult. I’m not about to say it was easy…so much the opposite. My body had changed so much, and I had to fight twice as much to get even a little of the results I had previously seen. 

So yeah, I understand the struggle of saying YES to you, to your health…but I genuinely believe in saying YES to you – to your health.


Do you have a list of goals or dreams? I suggest if you do not, you should. Take a moment and think of 3 short-term goals and three long-term goals.

The fun thing about goals, if we actually keep them and look back to them often, we will see just how far we have come, which goals we met or changed, and what we are still working toward if the goal (s) are still applicable within the context of our current life.

By having goals, you are saying YES to YOU!

Final Thoughts on sayin YES to YOU…

How do you spend the most time in your day? Because the things you are spending the most time doing, may or may not be the best use of your time, and probably is taking YOU time away from you.

Are you saying YES to YOU? 

Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email, susan@susanrkiley.com

And that’s how I do it – how I say YES to ME!

Again, there are no one-size-fits-all answers. And there are no shortcuts. Everyone needs to find their path on how to say YES to YOU. Rest assured that no matter which route you ultimately stumble upon, it’s going to take a lot of determination and work.

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