5 Essentials to Success and Happiness in Life

When it comes to success and happiness in life, I lean on my decades of experience, umpteenth books I’ve read and all the coaches I’ve had. Here, I reveal my favorite five essentials to success and happiness in life (and business too).


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Essentials for Success and Happiness

Mastering life starts, quite literally, with life. As crazy as that sounds, I believe life – past and present show us everything we need to be successful and happy.

Being successful and happy involves keeping your focus on what you want out of life. In the case of happiness, that means having a definite purpose, holding a positive character, and staying true to your core values. When your attention wanders, you try your best to bring it back to your life experience.

I try to live mindfully and have taught this practice to my clients because I’ve found that it creates an opportunity to tap into your mind’s inner wisdom. This is about knowing not just when you’re happy, but also when you’re not, the best life choices for your life and ultimately for your total happiness.

Living mindfully can help you feel empowered and appreciate the little things in life daily. Remind yourself that there are no right or wrong essentials for success and happiness, it’s about what is essential for you and your life. Here, a few of my best success and happiness essentials to get you started.

  1. A strong purpose infused with passion. Your purpose (in my opinion) should not be about money first, then doing good for others. You want to have a strong purpose infused with passion. For example, I want to earn $1500 per month SO THAT I can invest in my education. Or, I want to make an extra $100 SO THAT I can donate to my favorite charity. Remind yourself that your purpose allows you to accomplish something (but also get something).
  2. Positive character. You are always doing “the right thing” or “doing what’s right” no matter where you are or what you’re doing. If your momma would be proud of how you represent yourself, you are demonstrating a positive character.
  3. Your core values include integrity and honesty. This means you do everything you can to tell the truth, and do what you say you will do. There are no excuses, no negotiation, and absolutely no exceptions.


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Happiness and Success

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Two essentials necessary for success and happiness in business

One can apply the same three essentials of life that means having a definite purpose, holding a positive character, and staying true to your core values to business for success and happiness.

Limit distractions – criticism and non-supporters. To fully immerse yourself in business, disconnect from people and social media – major time sucks. Silence your phone, notifications and sit down at your computer so you are fully present.

Practice and appreciate the tools and resources in front of you that helps you with your business (even if you are just starting out in business). Be grateful for everything – computer, courses, books, YouTube, mentors, etc.. Think of everyone and everything that went into getting you to this moment – including, say, your mom (or the person who raised you) who raised you to do more in the world.

Living with gratitude can help you feel empowered and appreciate the little things in your daily business life. 

Here, two of my best essentials to get you started for success and happiness in business.

Happiness and Success

  1. Build a relationship with a respected expert (coach, mentor, etc.). Pick an expert (coach, mentor) who demonstrates similar core values – including integrity and honesty. Whoever you choose should have a vested interest in seeing you succeed – more successful than they currently are. Your expert (or coach, mentor) should not be jealous of your success and they should want to see you happy too. Spend time getting to know them as a person; you should invest in them as they are into you. If the person you choose is hindering you or not equally invested in your success, time to seek out someone else.
  2. You are coachable. In most cases, your coach (mentor or expert) knows more than you do in a specific area of business. The most significant part of being coachable – allow them to lend their expertise – be quiet and soak in their knowledge. Develop a trusting relationship with your coach where you listen, accept feedback, and apply the knowledge (and experience) they provide.

Go slow. Take time to savor the moment and appreciate each step in the business and life process. Success and happiness meanings are different for every person – don’t try to fit yourself into what others tell you is their happiness and success. 

If you find that you’re still not happy (or successful), consciously set time every day to examine what is holding you back – what is making you unhappy and why you are not successful. You can journal, meditate or spend time walking to better understand why you feel unhappy or think you are unsuccessful. 

Give yourself time to get in tune with happiness, the feeling of accomplishment, and the satisfaction you get from life (and building a business).

Since there isn’t a one perfect solution for happiness or success, I strongly believe in the five essentials to get you going in the correct direction for happiness and success – life and business.

Leave a comment about what you think and what essentials are missing on our list.

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Just remember this, success and happiness is relative. What I think makes me a success someone else may think differently. What you believe to be happiness, I may not agree (though I doubt that :-)) Never stop believing in yourself – your success or your happiness! 

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  1. I agree with your ‘essentials’. For me, one of my essentials is ‘ME TIME’. I think this is how I stay productive and sane. :-)

  2. My essential is meditating. I meditate mid-afternoon when I find myself to be less productive. This helps me reset and finish the day strong. I agree with your assessment of success and happiness is relative. Thank you for sharing, Susan.

    • I appreciate your comment and glad you found it informative. I have been on a hiatus, but am BACK! Keep checking in, more to come! Have fantastic day!

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