Finding Happiness with Self-Publishing in 2021

There has never been a better time to be a self-publishing author. You can publish your story on multiple platforms, and build a business around your books. Is this where happiness is for authors – self-publishing?

Leaving social media to find happiness with self-publishing in 2021 is my definition of success. For the past year, my goal has been to finish all the books on my computer that are half done. Pictures, quotes, and thoughts on Success You social media, or Susan Kiley will be on hiatus until further notice.

Most people don’t realize I stepped away from social media early 2021 after a marketing manager contract went seriously wrong, causing significant emotional and financial trauma. 

In the first three months of my hiatus, I completed, self-published, and launched three books. I’m so excited to finally get all these incredible books out into the universe – finally!

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Creative Energy for Self-Publishing

All my energy for writing, creativity, and finishing more books need to go to the books, not social media for now. If you want to put out your best self-published book, you need all creative energy cylinders firing when you sit in front of your computer to type the book or work on other aspect of the self-publishing world. 

Where does my creative energy go, causing delays to finish my books?

  • Raising three teenagers as a single mom is no joke! I spend a lot of time running to this practice or that practice and organizing clean uniforms and keeping the refrigerator stocked… seriously, teenagers, boys, are like miniature horses!
  • Every minute not at the beck-n-call of the teenagers, I use to fine-tune each book to submit it for review to Amazon. Yes, I use Amazon to self-publish all my books under my ISBN.
  • Finalize copyright, distribute details, set up the book website landing page, and decide the book’s best marketing system.
  • Repeat…

3. Your Bank Statement Won’t Lie to You.

For many freelancers, knowing and understanding your numbers is the difference between success and failure. The same theory applies to being a full-time business owner on a much larger scale, where money is flying out faster (on most occasions) than coming in your first or second year in business.  

Learning where your money is spent every day, week, month, and quarter is the key to success as a full-time business owner. As an owner, you probably won’t have the additional income of your freelancing or outside job to assist with cash flow. 

If you hate numbers, better start looking for someone who does, like an accountant. To remain successful, you need to know precisely where your money is – and isn’t at all times. Ultimately, you need to know what sales you make, costs (spending), profit, and daily losses.  

4. Your new love interest.

Going full-time as a business means you will be married (most likely) to your business for the first year (at least). Sleepless nights, long hours, and being the only person responsible for the success or failure of your business.  

Continually remind yourself that you love the business and work ‘on’ it daily, not ‘in’ it. Because if you start thinking like an employee, you will become an employee, and your business will fail.  

5. Being uncomfortable, scared, and tired is your new norm.

A lot of freelancers have either a part-time or full-time job besides freelancing. When you switch to a full-time business owner, you are the business (at least for the first year or two). You will need to develop: 

  1. Thick Skin – rejection and criticism will become your friend.
  2. Risks – there will be more risks you will need to take to be successful.
  3. Courage – you’ll need to channel your inner introvert (if you are not already one) to succeed. Being a business owner is lonely – isolating at first. 



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Freelancer to Business Owner Reminders

Time isn’t linear. As a freelancer, you set your schedule to fit your lifestyle. As a full-time business owner, while you might not be tied to a specific location, you will constantly be connected to the business. 

Your mind will constantly think: 

  • What are the financials?
  • How are customers being serviced?
  • What could you do better for your clients or customers. 

There will be little time away, especially in the first few years – you will breathe, eat, wake, and sleep your business.   

Stop waiting. Most people underestimate the time it takes to transition to full-time business owner from freelancer, so today is the day to start shifting your mindset. 

Most freelancers have a general idea of what is required to run a business because many freelancers are micro-business owners (if you will). During your transition, find yourself a mentor or coach to develop the skills and experience required to grow a successful business.  

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Happiness and Success

To Summariaze

As we stated at the beginning, mindset is the primary predictor of success in business, life, and relationships. What you think gives you the results you achieve. It’s the law of attraction thinking without all the woo-woo.  

But every person requires a different mindset depending on their situation, something that a freelancer switching to a full-time business owner needs to be aware of. 

Go slow with changing your mindset. Success as a business owner happens when you lay a solid foundation – build piece-by-piece – over time. 

As you go through your mindset shifts from freelancer to business owner, I suggest using a journal

Since there isn’t a one perfect solution for happiness or success, I strongly believe in the five mindset characteristics required when going from freelancer to business owner full-time. 

Leave a comment about what you think and what essentials are missing on our list.

Dear Entrepreneur

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  1. Glad you’ve found happiness. I find social media to cause more harm than good. I never made money on social media like others. I’m old fashion in that I do it the old way – calls, visits and emails. Who ever said email is dead?

    • You’ve made a great point. Email is not dead and it is the one thing you essentially own.

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