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Fight for Life


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Hey everyone, this is Susan. The post is a bit different and deviates from the general writing posts. Here’s why. To be successful in anything – you must make your health a priority.

So… about a week ago I went to the doctor for my yearly physical (not the girl kind). And what I learned…

Days 1-4 of “Fight for Life” 

All the changes SUCK!

I thought I was healthish…Relatively speaking I am healthy. According to the reports from a simple blood test, I am not.

Deadlines. Sitting. Creating. Coaching. Learning. Obligations…

Today is a new day to put YOU first

I forgot to put my health first. As entrepreneurs, writers, speakers, coaches, moms, dads, etc. we have so many balls we’re juggling at any given time we forget to take care of our own self. We forget to drink enough water. We don’t exercise regularly. We forget to eat healthy snacks and meals. We forget to get away from the obligations and grind and do things that make us less stressed, more happy and do good for our mind and body.

Am I correct?

Here’s how the beginning has been for me…

Day 1: Not too bad. But I know from previous detoxes the first day isn’t the problem…

Day 2: I thought was the worst because of the headaches and change in routine – routine of when and what I ate, not not eating and starving. That’s the thing, this isn’t much different than what I’ve done but the change in when and how I eat is like a full-time job, without the pay.

So what is the problem today? Tired! T.I.R.E.D. Oh my goodness I want to sleep. I want to crawl onto my bed and sleep, but then tonight I won’t, again, and tomorrow I’ll be dreading a full-day of running around, phone calls, appointments, etc.

Day 3: The food sucks. The timing of when I get my coffee sucks. The pills suck. The whole day…SUCKS! Enough said.

Finger poke: 115

“Dang it! Too high. Need to continue on the regime regardless of how crappy I feel at the moment. You got this! Keep going.”

My goal is under 95 at the end of the six week Fight for Life. I will be way out of the danger zone and no longer pre-diabetic. 

My goals: 

  1. No longer pre-diabetic.
  2. Thyroid WNL (within normal range)
  3. Cholesterol normal 
  4. At a more ideal weight (145-150)

If you want it bad enough…

My youngest son and I have a mini-marathon we are running at the end of September. This will be his first, my 4th. I don’t want to walk before he wants to walk. I want to be healthy enough to run the entire 13.2 miles if he choses too. To complete the mini-marathon I have to make ME important.

Susan Kiley_Marathon Training_Son
Here we go training!



So despite feeling like dragging butt today, I’m going to pull my big-girl grunder-duds on and suck it up. I know today is not the norm. I know the minute I stop writing this post I get to have my coffee!!!!! HELL YES! I can’t wait for the pick me up!

And so to all the people who are struggling in life, business, and relationships, and you know what guys, it’s a lot of people. A lot. “I can’t do this (whatever it may be).” Or, “Susan, you’re not like me, it’s way more difficult.” I am telling you that if you start thinking with the mindset of, “My LIFE is more important than the challenge I am currently facing, I KNOW I can do this. I KNOW there will be obstacles. I KNOW I am stronger than anything I face.” Because I guarantee you this… If you continue and are consistent, you will succeed.

But you must continue, it’s the best choice you have. And you know, at the end of the day if you’re reading this and you’re like, “It sounds, it sounds all hunky-dory Susan, I get it. I don’t have the life you have. I can’t spend the hundreds of dollars.” That’s okay. You don’t have too. You can go after what you want in bite size increments.

Bite size ways to change your life…

You could start walking (it’s free) 5 mins a day. You could start blogging. You could start writing. You could meditate. You could chose fresh vegetables instead of a boxed meal. Heck, you could chose not to have a can of pop today!

There are so many other ways to change your life. Is it going to take you a lot longer? Yes, it will. Is that okay? Yes, ABSOLUTELY YES! But you know what, if you don’t have the necessary funds, you have to think outside the box, and do what works best for you. Do what’s best for YOUR LIFE – the best life you desire.

Are you ready to Fight for YOUR LIFE? Let’s go! Take the leap, and don’t worry about anything else. Don’t just sort of do it, it’s not going to do you any favors. Do it…To live an Extraordinary Life, you must be willing to fight for your life!

Susan R Kiley is the Best-Selling author of Extraordinary Ways to Simplify Your Life, A Resilient Soul and Never Lose Faith. Her SUCCESS YOU Transformational Programs; coaching and training focused on helping women harness the maximum power of their potential by leveraging A.C.T. (Accountability. Clarity. Transformation) for greater happiness. Susan also runs a digital agency HSL Media.

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