Fabricated Role Models Versus Beautiful Transparency

Fabricated Role Models Vs
Beautiful Transparent Authenticity

Is social media responsible for fabricated role models?

Fabricated Role Models Versus Beautiful Transparent Authenticity is rarely seen in today’s social media frenzy.

Most of the time, the term “role model” is used in social media context, but followers (or readers/viewers/fans) call this person an ‘influencer.”

It’s all intertwined with online social media usage through the roof.
Think for a moment: Who is your role model? Why is this person a role model?

If using ‘role model’ isn’t a ‘current’ term, use influencer.

We live in a fabricated world.

Celebrities are ‘fabricated’ to look, act, speak and date a certain way. An influencer is fabricated (in most instances). Because who wants to see ‘normal’ like most of us live… correct?

Fabrication becomes what is best for his or her brand. My belief is our social media presence, the presence of influencers (and role models) have taken a turn toward ‘normal’ and not as fabricated. Because who wants to meet their influencer and not recognize them in a ‘perfect’ picture, landscape or modeled with the latest sponsored product. Yes?

Unfortunately, influencers and celebrities alike often find themselves stuck in the fabrication world as the fabrication is the brand of the influence.

britney spears face in sunlight

Photo credit: Britney Spears – Instagram

Britney Spears. A beautiful, powerful woman scrutinized for her meltdowns. The minute she finally had ENOUGH, she showed the world who she was, kind of (she had a mental illness that was hidden from the public). She no longer was willing to be fabricated. She wanted the world to SEE her–not the fabricated Britney Spear. [INSERT APPLAUD]

On Instagram Britney often shares ‘herself’- beautiful transparent authenticity. [insert APPLAUD again].

My heart goes out, not only to Ms. Spears, but all the celebrities who are in the fabrication world.

“Who would have thunk it ?!?! After all this time in my life I’m just now learning that no makeup is the way to go,” wrote the singer. “I mean …. a little makeup is fun but after spending so much time in hair and makeup chairs to look flawless …. I think a natural look is the way to go …. it makes you look waaaay younger and so much better 🌸✨💋 !!!!”


Pay for status…

Where does the blame fall?

Social media…

Large businesses…


Take the health and fitness industry and if you want to go further, MLM companies (do they even exist?).

I worked with a company for a short period of time during my time as a fitness trainer. Said company promoted doing this “Challenge” for X amount of days and at the end, you would go from [insert obese picture] to this [really fit picture]…all in UNDER 1 MONTH!

Oh, you can even go to their RAH-RAH sessions and see the living proof. However, what any company (or person) fails to tell you – the ‘script’ of what the living proof person is allowed to say, and if you listen closely, their TRANSFORMATION took months and often years.

WHOA! You mean the internet, fabricated role model and company lied??????

I know, shocking. And, some probably will research whether the internet lies or not and that is perfectly OK.

SHOCKER. SPOILER ALERT. [Fabricated Role Models Versus Beautiful Transparent Authenticity]


Am I successful? Heck YES and NO.

Am I making a million dollars? No.

Am I making a healthy 6-figure income consistently? No.

Am I or do I tell people that I do or am something I am not? No.


Fabricated Role Models Versus Beautiful Transparent Authenticity

There are many who not only are fabricated but fabricate the truth, so people will like them more. The more people who follow them, the more people want to follow them because of the mass following.

The more follow….vicious cycle of fabrication and insecurity. Those who are fabricated are often insecure in who they are as individuals.

When you remain authentic, humble and genuine, the fire continues to burn within, and you remain a true role model for others.

Those who are not fabricated, true role models, the truly beautiful transparent authentic influencers (aka Role Models).

Keep the perspective real on who your ROLE MODEL is.

Most ROLE MODELS are those that are NOT talking, blabbing and demanding acknowledgment for their accomplishments and success.

Beautiful transparent authentic role models show others their ‘unperfect’ side – allowing others to be just as they are.

Keep it in perspective!

Keep it real!

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