Extraordinary Series Releases New Books

Extraordinary Life Series…

Ways to simplify your life series took an unexpected turn… it never made it to publication!

Life gets in the way. 

We get busy and bogged down with life, pushing the ‘unimportant’ to-do’s further down the list of to-do’s.

What started as a sprint became a very, very long marathon. Each of the books are completed (as of May 2023). However, to get them edited, formatted, marketed and published, that takes time. And, honestly, the books are sitting collecting dust on my laptop. 

Extraordinary life series isn’t dead, not even close. Just not the right time. 

Where it all started…

Extraordinary Ways to Simplify Life Book by Susan Kiley

From the back cover.

The purpose of this book is quite simple: feature extraordinary ways to simplify your life that bring peace and joy.

Unlike other helpful books, you won’t find any “filler” ways here – only the best of the best (at least in my forty-plus year opinion). It’s my hope that these ways – from smelling the flowers to dancing in the rain – will truly be an inspiration to you, wherever you happen to find yourself on life’s journey.

To peace, joy, and a simplified life.

Extraordinary Life Series Books

Getting Stuff Done Now Book
Crushing Goals Extraordinary Life Series_Book 5
Writing Extraordinary Life Series_Book 6
Happiness Life Plan
Beating Burnout_Books

Release date, tbd…

One day, all these books will be published for people to read, enjoy and share.

One day, I’ll finally have my to-do list completed. 

One day, life won’t keep getting in the way… or is that just an excuse?