2 Powerful Limiting Beliefs Creating Stress and Overwhelm for You

Episode 16: Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs with Susan Kiley on Success You podcast. The two big limiting beliefs – Money and Time. Beliefs that appear real are illusions you create. Listen Now!

Limiting Beliefs

Why We Don’t Start…

Intro: Ready to join a growing segment of the population who works and lives from our stories? We don’t have traditional nine to five jobs and we don’t want them because financial and lifestyle freedom is too important to us. 

Hey, hey…Welcome to the show today. Today let’s chat about Why We Don’t Start… Writing, blogging, starting a business, starting a fitness program, starting… You fill in the blank. 

Limiting Beliefs

Today I want to discuss the two big limiting beliefs – beliefs that appear real – is in fact an illusion (in my opinion) and here’s why. 

#1 limiting belief most people have, can you guess? MONEY! 

I hear all the time:

  • “Susan, I don’t have the money.” 

  • “Susan, I just can’t afford it right now.”

  • “Susan, it’s not in the budget…maybe next time.”

Hey, I’m guilty of saying all of those at one time or another in my life, especially when speaking of dreams. Dreams of being a writer. Dreams of starting my business. Dreams of investing in me. Dreams of taking my children on vacation. 

#2 limiting belief I hear: “Dreams are just dreams.”

So now we have the #1 limiting belief, money + the #2 limiting belief, dreams which = WHY WE DON’T START (you fill in the blank with what you are not starting). 

Let’s debunk the limiting beliefs. 


Because what I know to be true… if I set a goal and actively work toward that goal I can get started. You can get started. 

Here’s something you can do right now to push yourself to make your dream a reality. 

  1. SET A GOAL: You can do a short-term or long-term goal. Make the goal achievable and not so far fetched you won’t or can’t at this moment achieve. 

  2. WORK DAILY toward the goal you set. If it’s saving $100 for dinner out with the family, a new haircut, a massage, a trip to get a manicure or nails, a new outfit, or a course so you can finally share your message… Every day do something that gets you even $0.01 (1 penny) closer to your goal. 

One of the best ways to save money, if you’re disciplined enough to do this, to either use a glass jar with a lid or an envelope. Every day place either a coin (s) or dollar (s) into your choice of a container. 

As a child (or currently) have a vacation or a cuss jar? It’s the same concept. 

For me, I have a collection jug. If you have a moment, head to my website and check out the post, you’ll see my jugs. These jugs, ahem, old beer handlers…I don’t drink beer, but I LOVE the jugs…

[laughs] These are my collection jugs. Once a week I clean the car, my purse and rob the laundry bowl of loose change. Think about how often you break a dollar. Think about the rattling of your washer or dryer… the cup holders or old ashtrays in our cars collecting loose change. 

Okay…I need to say it, a cliche but here goes. Check the couch and chairs. 

Loose change adds quickly. 

You can make your dreams a reality! 


There are numerous ways people (you) can overcome limiting beliefs of both money and dreams. For sake of time, we’ll discuss combating limiting beliefs of money. 

Say NO to immediate pleasure in exchange for the long-term. 

What does that actually mean? Well, too often we as a society we want things NOW…I want food now, so I pick any of the 20 drive-thrus in my city instead of waiting 30 mins to drive home and make a quick snack or a full meal. It’s easier. 

You, me, society wants easy. Quick. RIGHT NOW! 

Look, listen, read all the marketing jargon – geared toward… Easy, quick, right now solutions. We can’t wait. We need immediate pleasure instead of waiting for the long-term. 

  • Stop paying for extra convenience. 

  • Say no to grub hub. 

  • Say no to Uber eats. 

  • Say no to valet parking. 

  • Say no to convenience store pop, chips, candy, gum. 

Again, we want immediate and quick convenience pleasure because we don’t want to wait for it. We’d rather not start on making our dreams a reality. We’d rather complain. We’d rather hold onto our limiting beliefs: I don’t have money or dreams are just dreams. 

Hey, I get you. 

In the big scheme of life…our spending need to align with our dreams. 

If you have a story, or are interested in starting a business, you need money. 

The FIX:

Grab a jar. Grab an envelope. Think of a goal, like the $100 example. Once you reach the $100, you CAN guilt free buy what you want. What you dream about. Your dream may be to buy a new outfit, go out to dinner or start a course on how to write a book, marketing, building a business. 

Dream. It’s part of life we dream. It’s also part of life we don’t start because of limiting beliefs. 

Let’s discuss for a moment why a person with a story or an idea won’t start. 

Well, the odds of success for an author or an entrepreneur are low, why would a person want to write a book or start a business? 


I truly believe every person has a story to share with the world. The problem is, writing requires dedication, tenacity and a bit of luck. And yes, it requires money. 

Anyone can write…to be great one must study, practice and have the necessary funds.

As a single mom to three, I completely get putting dreams on hold. I completely understand limiting beliefs. I’ve said to the kids, “We can’t do this because I don’t have the money,” or “When I make X dollars next month…” 

I + money = anxiety.

When I had everything: a house, cars, unlimited bank accounts… there wasn’t limiting beliefs. Dreams were a reality. 

When I became a divorced, single mom with a zero bank account and no retirement plans or cushion for the unexpected… limiting beliefs were my new reality! 

Dreams were just dreams. Starting wasn’t an option. I was just trying to survive. 

It didn’t matter, I had a message. Or, I had big dreams. When life changes, often for the worse, we cling to limiting beliefs. 

I clung to limiting beliefs like it was fresh air. I couldn’t breath most days. I bet you’ve been there or are currently… clinging to limiting beliefs?

I want to switch focus really quick and talk about something I’ve spoken before when it comes to sharing your message with a book.  

If we flip the script of Why we don’t start because of limiting beliefs into overcoming limiting beliefs, we can look at one of the highest grossing authors, and of course, you can find stories and examples in any space of people who cut through limiting beliefs and made their dreams a reality. 

Let’s  take James Patterson who in 2012 made $94 million (ish), according to Forbes. He writes to entertain. He writes because he enjoys the art of storytelling. His book Killer Instinct co-written has a sales ranking of #737. He’s written hundreds of books. He’s been rejected hundreds of times. He’s made a dream into a reality by pushing through limited beliefs of dreams are just dreams and starting. 

I didn’t start publishing for a really long time because I didn’t have the money, or so I thought. I didn’t think I could turn my dream into a reality. 

I didn’t start because of my limiting beliefs. 

It’s okay if you have limiting beliefs. Just remember, limiting beliefs can be overcome

“You have a message. You have an idea. You have a dream.” 

I believe, as author Angel Santiago of To Be Forever said,  “When people read what you have written a little piece of you comes alive within them and that is a beautiful thing.”

Now is the time to start! 

So, can you overcome limiting beliefs? I’d love to hear what limiting belief (s) you are trying to overcome to finally start making your dream (s) a reality! Leave a comment and let’s talk about it.

That’s all for this episode and post. 

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