Episode 12 – Dealing with Failure

Episode 12: Dealing with Failure


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Intro: Ready to join a growing segment of the population who works and lives from our stories? We don’t have traditional nine to five jobs and we don’t want them because financial and lifestyle freedom is too important to us. The writing and entrepreneurship community, sharing stories and making bank along the way is our way of life.

Inside each episode, you’ll learn business mindset and writing growth tips, lifestyle hacks and marketing strategies for growing an online writing or lifestyle business from scratch right from the comfort of your home. The podcast is designed to uplift, inspire, and add a little extra presence to your everyday with your host, Susan Kiley, a no BS book coach and strategist, speaker and author. Susan helps people tell their stories by tapping into their bold message, shape words to resonate with their audience and produce a story that has a powerful impact on the world. Welcome to the Writer Insider. Here’s your host, Susan Kiley.












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