Content Marketing Essentials for a Bigger Impact

“Storytelling is the most powerful content marketing tool to stand out authentically from your competition, attract ideal customers and charge more.”

What’s your story?

Content marketing is more than the funnel or the campaign. Content marketing starts with a compelling story. Content storytelling is the new point of sale to capture a customer.  Resources, funnels, and strategies come down to one simple element — storytelling. Nothing draws people in like a good story, so why not use storytelling to pull in your customers? Engage with your audience. Actors are master storytellers and we, online business owners, can learn something from them.

Pull your customers to you with your story for a bigger impact. How has your product overcome the odds? 

Quick story of how: X, Y, Z almost didn’t happen.

At this point, I would go into a quick story of how A Resilient Soul almost didn’t make it to Amazon. But instead, I will let you read the back cover of the book:

A Resilient Soul Book Cover



Let the path of perspective take you to Live a Life You LoveTM

In A Resilient Soul, Susan exposes less than beautiful perspectives of self-discovery and healing to become the best version of oneself.

She teaches women (and men) how to break through the walls that hold them back through changing their perspective.

Women (and men) are beautifully imperfect creatures– while the journey to uncovering ones’ “self” is not easy–if you want to love, be loved, and Live a Life You LoveTM – changing your perspective is necessary.

Each day we face choices from what to wear to what path to take professionally, and how we should be around others. We often look at the negative of a situation, or the less than perfectness of life. We take the path of least resistance.  We get knocked down, spat out, and expect to rise again. And sometimes, we do, but often, we do not. Our perspective on the situation–past or present is often one of negativity, instead of positivity.

Susan inspires us through heart strong leadership–to be courageous. To use inner strength, compassion, and lead with our heart in all we do.  And, yes, we are all imperfect, harbor fear, and vulnerable at times, but that doesn’t mean we cannot live a life we love.

Susan tells how she overcame destructive self-confidence issues, fear, divorce, devastating life events, danced with suicide and suffered financial hardship.

Striving to be HeartSTRONG through positive, evoking, and passionate leadership led her to step-up, let go, and embrace all that life had, is and will be.

Learn how to change your perspective in regards to thoughts, feelings, and life experiences to create amazing results to LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVETM.  

Prepare to journey through an extraordinary life of a resilient soul who has found happiness, health, prosperity, and is living a HeartSTRONG Leaders life.

Why tell a story?

Because people love to be a part of a story and at some level, each person can relate to a well told-story.

Pull your audience into your story…

“There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with an ood of naked truth.”

Kevin Spacey mentioned this during his Content Marketing World 2014 keynote.

Because Mr. Spacey is an excellent storyteller, I found Kevin Spacey’s three rules for creating great content (conflict, authenticity, and audience) extremely relevant to drive my point across to make a bigger impact with your content. Who’s going to argue with Frank Underwood?

 Build Content…

Much like a house, you must lay the foundation.

Build suspense.

To be a great storyteller, you need to leave some things out to build up suspense. Answer these three questions.

The answers to these questions will lay the foundation to start a story that gets to the right customers for your business (and yes, any ‘business’ can use this).

  1. What are your customer personas?
  2. What can your content offer?
  3. How does your content benefit the customer?

Struggling with content storytelling?

Content not converting?

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