Generating Content to Maximize Value For Your Audience

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Generating purposeful content to maximize value for your audience is easier than you might think. In this article, I will show you how I find and use ideas to benefit my business and brand. 

Let’s think like a house builder – simple – for demonstration purposes only. 

First, you start with a plan (what and why). Second, decide on who your audience is and how your brand can serve them. The third step, my favorite, is creating!

Other steps in the content creating process is distribution and measuring. To save time, I will not go into either distribution or measuring your success in this post.  

Marketing with purpose is the art of communicating with readers, subscribers, and people. It’s about telling a story, teaching them something they need to learn or moving them to take action. You are not selling them.

Remember, no one needs what you have. If you’re selling, you are doing it wrong!

Over two decades, I’ve created regularly. I’ve learned I can not create for everyone. Similar to a house, content takes time to build. Creating purposeful content is a marathon, not a sprint.

And, if you are curious as to how to achieve happiness and success as a purposeful content creator, listen to the Success You podcast or watch on the Success You YouTube channel. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to generate content ideas.
  • 3 Must-Do Steps to Content Ideas.
  • Where to find content inspiration.
  • Asking for content ideas. 
  • Listening to what your audience is asking.
  • Why ‘How to’s’ are essential content building blocks.
  • Repurposing content. 
  • Using guides and blog posts to build content. 
  • How to overcome content idea roadblocks.

Let’s get into it! 

By the way, there are affiliate links in this article (most likely)-that’s to keep the coffee fund topped up – but those links don’t change my opinion on anything I say about a product or service. 

Change Your Habits

How to generate ideas

Just like life, you need to know

  1. … what you do, are passionate about, and can teach or inspire others.

  2. … who you want to inspire or serve.

  3. … how you can help others.

Generating content ideas is not ‘easy’ all the time. There are times your creative juices will stop, much like a writer’s block. But, there are three simple ways to generate content.


3 Questions to Generate Content Ideas

Master content creators understand the three most important questions to generate ideas on demand. They also inject these with audience-based solutions for maximum appeal with their targeted audience. 

These questions start with ‘what’…

  1. … are your three audience personas?

  2. … are the three problems your audience has?

  3. … are the three ways you can solve their problem?

Below are a few of my favorite places to find content inspiration ideas. Of course, there are many more places. These are my go-to, never fail me inspiration hot spots. 

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Where to Find Inspiration

  1. Google – my dearest friend

  2. Social media – watch out for the rabbit hole here though

  3. Blogs, webinars, and podcasts – comment section gold

  4. Buzzsumo

  5. Slideshare

  6. Reddit

  7. Inner circles, masterminds, groups – questions/comments

Other content generating ideas

  1. Complete a review of a course, program, or tech gear. The ‘review’ space is limitless for generating content. People love reading and watching reviews – it helps with their decision to buy. 

  2. Do a top _____ resource blog post. Odd numbers seem to be the magic ticket for traffic and conversions. We, humans, like odd numbers. Well, according to several top articles, this is true.

  3. Select your top 3 favorite inspirational books and review for your audience. 

If your brand (business) truly wants to rise above the online noise, you must stay focused on your content ideas and your customers’ preferences. More specifically, you need to embrace creativity and prepare for trends that will transform your brand and your audience’s experience. 

Strong content ideas are crucial to a brand’s appeal to their audience – because if you don’t appeal to your audience, you might as well have never planned a content strategy in the first place. 

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Entrepreneurial Transformation

SOURCE: Emerald Group Publishing

Asking for content adds value.

So, how can you ‘ask’ for content? Well, if you have an email list, newsletter, or other forms of communication with your list, send a survey. If you don’t have a list yet, that should be your first thing to do pronto! 


Asking for content isn’t as difficult as you may think. Therefor, if you’re on social media, ask in groups, live stories, or in the comment section. Ask (1) what your audience wants to know, (2) what they want to learn, and (3) a problem they want solutions for. 


With this in mind, one of my biggest pet peeves is coaches who act as licensed practitioners. Provide solutions after asking what your audience needs help solving. However, relating to a story of yourself is great, but don’t give financial, legal, or medical advice if you are not a licensed person. Use disclaimers to protect your content and brand. 


What content questions does your audience ask?


  1. I am up all night because of this…
  2. I don’t understand this…

  3. I want to be better at this…

  4. I need to get over this obstacle for success…

  5. I want to purchase, but…

  6. I want to know how to do…

  7. I want to learn how I can serve ______ better…


Best content generating ideas

  1. Save time and money tips – productivity, efficiency, more in less time, investment.
  2. Guides and resources – tools, programs, courses, gear, etc. 

  3. Behind the scenes – draw your audience in by being ‘human.’ 

Driving audience engagement with content through human storytelling

  1. Live videos and stories

  2. Pictures of you being just like them (you are not the Kardashians, so be YOU)

  3. Day in the life…

  4. A special event you let your audience experience

  5. Community/charity giving back, involvement

Happiness and Success

‘How to’s’ are essential building blocks of content.

People love anything ‘how to.’ Think of how many times in the last week you searched, ‘how to’ do X. Your audience loves this type of content. Give your audience what it is they want. 


  1. Step-by-step guides

  2. How to use X

  3. How to create X


Old content is king for new ideas.


Google states, “Repurposing content is an easy way to generate new content when your creative side is lacking.” 


If you’re new and don’t have old content to repurpose, try this hack. Do a deep dive into Google for a specific topic. Research old articles. Look at pieces that are from three to five years ago. Is there a way to make old articles fresh again? Repurposing isn’t about stealing, copying, or plagiarizing.


As a content creator, your goal is to bring value to your audience in a tone they understand. When you repurpose content, you can increase your content value. If you are repurposing your content, you can look in these places to find content.

  1. Blog posts

  2. Social media posts

  3. Podcasts

  4. Newsletters

  5. Webinars

  6. Books

  7. Pdf’s or documents you’ve created

Building content through guides and blog posts

One of the most used content ideas by content marketing strategists is the ‘Top 10’ method. In this method, you give ten ways (or use any number) to do something. This can be to build, or overcome or achieve whatever you are helping your audience with. 


  1. Top 3 ways to overcome …

  2. Top 5 things you must do if you want …

  3. Top 7 ways to solve this problem…

  4. Top 10 podcasts of the year…

  5. Top 3 blogs to follow…

  6. Top 5 YouTube channels to …

  7. Top 7 books to read…

Do you see the power of using the ‘Top number’ method for generating content ideas? Think about your brand and what you are trying to provide for your audience. 

  1. Are you providing entertainment? Think Mr. Beast on YouTube

  2. Are you teaching? Think Udemy online courses.

  3. Are you building your brand? Think a favorite blog or social media brand you follow.

Content Inspiration 


Audiences clamor to those who not only provide value but inspire them to be better or take action. Think about your audience. How can you encourage your audience? 


  1. Achieve more…

  2. Never give up…

  3. Take action…

  4. Face fear…

  5. Imperfect perfect…

  6. Stay motivated…

  7. Don’t lose hope…

  8. Learn to (love, dream, imagine)…

  9. Abundance…

  10. Visual…

For example, leaning into content inspiration is as simple as motivational or inspirational quotes. Use quotes throughout your content to inspire your audience.

With this in mind, use videos, podcasts, and stories as a way to connect your audience – by sharing, you could inspire them. Ultimately, you want to share YOU. By sharing you, you will inspire others through your stories.

Holidays and special events are gold mines.

Generating content ideas using special events or holidays is a ginormous content goldmine. Who doesn’t love a holiday? Holiday’s are limitless when creating purposeful content that resonates with your audience.

Find holidays the world celebrates, check out this site.

What if you can’t think of any content ideas? 

Also, finding content ideas isn’t all that difficult if you open yourself up to the people, places, and events around you. Many content creators hit a content block when they are overwhelmed or stressed. This isn’t much different than our creative friends, the writer.

Tips for finding content ideas


  1. Unplug from social media. Social media tends to clutter a person’s creative mind (no, I didn’t research this, just using me as an example).

  2. Vacation time. (Hello! Everyone needs time away!)

  3. Digital detox from all courses, programs, podcasts, etc. (Stop overloading on shiny objects).

  4. Tune into people via podcasts or Youtube that inspire you. (Make it a habit to spend time listening or watching those that inspire or entertain you daily – set a time limit – 60 mins max).

  5. Read a book. (Reading isn’t listening to a book, FYI. Yes, some ‘read’ books through listening, but truly, you are listening to a book because someone is reading the book to you. Curl up to a book – reading does the brain good. There is research on this).

More importantly, locating viable ideas is not generally a problem. Through the years, I’ve noticed that people take on too much, stressed, and full of self-doubt. When you are any of these, your creativity becomes slower or blocked.

If you still need help generating ideas for maximum audience exposure, grab a call and let’s get the ideas rolling. Grab your FREE call… it’s FREE, really.

Maximizing value for your audience through content creation is doable, which increases your brand’s authority. It also increases your brand’s capacity and attentiveness to your audience.

In a nutshell, generating purposeful ideas strengthens your brand and ability to reach your audience.  

Successful content creators are no different than you or I. Yes, many lost inspiration or hit a content block. Expect the same. Why? Because that’s how life (and business) works. Nothing is perfect and nothing is guaranteed. 

I learned a long time ago that content creation is a journey. Much like life, there will be roadblocks and set-backs. Heck, you’ll probably even take time away. But, the important lesson is to never quit altogether. 

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