Bryan Hunt Sets the Sales Stage

Sales success in business is more about connecting with customers than selling to people. Bryan’s new book sets the sales stage for success

Setting The Sales Stage

Sales are not about selling to people what they don’t want. People buy because they like, know and trust you… . And, you can solve a problem for them (generally speaking). So how can a person get what they have (i.e. product) to be bought by someone else? 

Know – LIKE – TRUST. People need to feel like they know you on a more personal level. If all you do is sell, sell, sell, you will go broke. Getting the ‘sale’ is about building a relationship with your potential customer. 

When you are able to build a relationship, not only does the other person (your customer) get to know you, they will begin to trust you. Once you earn their trust, they have a greater chance of liking you enough they will buy from you. 

Setting the Stage

According to research, people don’t like to be sold too. Doesn’t take research to understand or believe this to be true. Let’s take me for example. A few years ago I was asked to be an in-store demonstrator for an up-and-coming vodka brand. Let’s get a few things straight first:

  1. I am not a drinker.
  2. I know very little about alcohol in general.
  3. I suck at sales. 

The requirements of being an in-store demonstrator (i.e. taster) was to promote, educate and sell as many bottles as you could in a three hour time-frame. Because I had three strikes against me to begin, I knew I would need to do research, listen to what others said about the brand, and have fun. 

Going into my first tasting knowing I sucked at selling, I had to get use my relationship building skills to get potential buyers to like and trust me. How did I do this? By building a relationship with them – I got to know what intrigued them, what they normally drink, why, where, how, etc. I wasn’t trying to sell them a bottle of vodka I hadn’t tasted – instead I was getting to know them. In return, they would buy a bottle of vodka. 

I didn’t mention the vodka while speaking to them and I never pressured them into buying. Results were in the final tally at the end of my three hour shift – 21 bottles! Holy buckets. I actually sold something no one needed (matter of speaking). 

Setting the sales stage is how a person in business becomes a success or failure. In Bryan Hunt’s first book, he discusses how he climbed the corporate sales ladder through relationship building, not selling. 

If you’re selling, you’re doing it all wrong.