Brianna Kiley Receives Writing Award

Oops…She’s done it again!


HSL Media’s author, eighth-grader Brianna Kiley, wins district award and is featured in The Write Touch Literary Magazine by Youth Authors and Artists.

Brianna Kiley_Winning Award

The Call of the Ocean

Blue is a symbol of the ocean wave,

It can take anything as its slave.

For each longing hour,

The waves gain more power.

For each longing wave,

The more people crave.

To watch the waves in swaying motion,

For this is the call of the ocean.

~Brianna Kiley, 8th grade


You must start…

I asked Brianna if she knew what piece her teacher had submitted. Nope. I didn’t realize she was going to submit me into the contest. It was a surprise. 

Do you feel accomplished? Uhh, I guess. The pieces are easy for me, I don’t spend much time on any of my stories, poems, or words. I write whatever comes to me at the moment. 

Do you think you’ll write and publish another book any time soon? If my mom and publisher have anything to do with it [insert angsty teenage look].

I’ll take that as a YES! I can’t wait to publish another book by you… Which reminds me, we are close to publishing your other short stories, correct? Which ones? The stories we featured in the back of your first book, Words on a Page.

Brianna never answered the last question. I know she’ll publish more books in the coming years. For now, she’s satisfied with Words on a Page and enjoying her lazy days doodling and writing.

Just remember, you’re one word away…