Breakthrough Fear...

Discover the #1 Reason Why You're Not Profiting with Your Books and Learn My Method to Attracting Raving Fans and Buyers Faster

Struggling with doubt ?

Afraid you won’t be happy or successful? 

The truth is…


your fear is stopping you from having the life and business you desire. 


Are you overwhelmed and unsure about your social media marketing strategy?


Desperate for ways to grow your impact and your bottom line, but paralyzed when it comes to writing a post, an email or DM?


You know what to say to your audience, raving fans and customers - but you just don't have the time to devote to being active.

Well, I have news for you, and it may come as a shock if you feel like you are drowning in everything you have to do to make it… 

It IS possible to run a thriving business with an active online community AND maintain your sanity and happiness! 

You’re one click away… I’ll get you started on my Breakthrough FEAR Masterclass. 

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Time to Breakthrough Fear

Fear Breakthrough Masterclass

By The End of class...

Breakthrough Fear with Susan Kiley
Masterclass Registration Includes:


The masterclass will be a 90 minute experience, including the time to learn new concepts and complete exercises. Susan will share insights during the masterclass. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!


The "Breakthrough Fear with Susan" experience includes a downloadable guided action sheet - note taking at its simplest form. Prompts make implementation during and after the masterclass easy and fun!


You get access for 1 year to complete at your convenience - no one pressuring, pushing or one-time class. You can review (or re-review) the material and complete the exercises when it is best for you.

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Breakthrough Fear MASTERCLASS...

Have you been looking for the key you need to unlock a social media / marketing strategy that will actually help you revive book sales, grow your business in 2021 and beyond, or increase your bank account (without overwhelm, time suck or more money)? 

Breakthrough the fear masterclass will give you the tools and resources to rid your fear roadblock and empower you to make big changes in your life and business. 

I BELIEVE you were meant for greatness… do you believe you are? 

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Common Questions About the Breakthrough Fear Masterclass

Q: How and when will I get access to the Masterclass? 

A: Upon registration, you will receive an email explaining how to attend the Breakthrough Fear Masterclass and all additional resources needed for the class.


Q: What will I experience in the Masterclass?

A: You will evaluate your current business and identify the simple reason why you are not profiting from your books. 

Guided by me, Susan, over the 90 mins we will complete exercises that will lead to the breakthrough you need. 

Near the end of the class, I’ll answer Q/A from previous students – every question answered. When you’ve finished Breakthrough Fear Masterclass, you’ll be able to move forward with clarity and certainty on the best platform for you, your book and your business.



Q: Why does this class cost $?

A: Because our time is a valuable resource. If you pay, research suggests you will show up, participate and take action. 

I’m not selling anything, offering insane bonuses or pressuring anyone in attendance to buy something else at the beginning, middle or end of the class. If someone specifically asks a question pertaining to other programs or courses, I will answer, again, I won’t sell anyone with scarcity tactics or sleazy marketing crap. 

Q: Already a member of SUCCESS YOU or one of Susan’s other courses/programs? 

A: Great! You now have a solid footing with the foundations of an author business.

If you’ve implemented my entire Book Revivify System – then this Masterclass is not for you. But if you’ve found yourself holding back on marketing/social media, and you’ve been looking for clarity – then this Masterclass will provide you with the certainty and confidence you need to move forward powerfully with your book.




Q: Why should I be learning marketing or social media anyways? 

A: There are a lot of options when it comes to marketing your business online. 

So why should you focus on social media? Well, there are over a billion users on social media platforms (IG, Twitter, FB, LI, Pinterest) with over 70% of users taking action and clicking businesses links. 

Social media platforms STRONGLY supports businesses, regularly rolling out new ways for users to shop and helping users to find new businesses to follow. You just need to find the platform that is BEST for YOU! 


Q: What if I have questions for Susan?

A: You’ll have access to contact Susan and ask questions about the course: SUBJECT: Breakthrough Fear Masterclass.


Only $17