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School… For Brianna Kiley, it’s sitting through the monotony. 

Thankfully her classes are filled with jokesters, arguers, and the shy. There is never a dull moment in the middle school hallways or the cafeteria. 

Words on a Page is filling the ‘boring’ days of school with poems, short stories, and drawings.

Includes the unillustrated copy of Blorbs Adventures, by Brianna Kiley, and Rumor Has It, by Susan Kiley, a youth fiction series book. 

BRIANNA KILEY has written since she was old enough to hold a crayon, leaving her autograph on a wall in a hair salon (in 2010).She draws inspiration from school, her friends, her time in sports, and of course, her two rowdy brothers and dog, Kenzie.

“Inspiration is everyone; you just have to pay attention.” 

If you are happy, everybody looks up and shares our happiness”

~Author Unknown