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There’s never been a better time to allow yourself to chose a path that will lead you to success in life (and business) without burnout. 


You can create the most innovative, jaw-dropping life (and business) ever seen, and without burnout. But if you are constantly buried beneath the mass of research, shiny object syndrome and imposter syndrome, you will never have a life (or business) that is successful. 


When it comes to transformation, there is one solution. Figure out how to build a solid foundation that accomplishes your goals, put a strategy to it- and take action!

From establishing a solid foundation with goals that you will love and believe in to planning your future, Beating Burnout delivers a comprehensive blueprint for creating a solid foundation for success in life (and business). Susan Kiley reveals the exact proven framework that her clients uses to build solid foundations and find success. 


Complete with no bs advice, repeatable, step-by-step strategies, and action prompts to help you to master success without burnout. 


In Beating Burnout, Susan Kiley will walk you through: 

→ PART 1: Your Foundation

→ PART 2: Goals for Success (and HAPPINESS)

→ PART 3: Time Management

→ PART 4: Beat Burnout For GOOD

Bonuses Included: 

→ 10 Perspective Mindsets That Matter

→ 3 Action Steps to Change Your Perspective

→ 10 Life Lessons


Susan will help you build a foundation for life (and business) success without burnout! 

Another transformational (self-help) book by Susan Kiley. 

If you are happy, everybody looks up and shares our happiness."

~Author Unknown