A Resilient Soul

Are you listening to the voice inside of you insisting that you take a new direction in your life? 

ARE YOU LISTENING? When Kiley’s life took a dramatic change for the worse and she had knocked on the wrong door, a nagging, inner voice changed her life: shifted her perspective on life and the past that weighed her down.

A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage is the bold and raw account of how at forty years old, Kiley found her purpose by changing her perspective. The journey from the past to the present, told through intimate snapshots, follows Kiley from the first, dark truth as a child to a present imperfect life – a perceptive, bold and resilient awakening.

An experienced life resident intuition and a creative upbringing, Kiley reexamines her journey to the present – her past, her purpose, marriage, divorce, her attempts to end it all, and friendships – embracing all the imperfections that make her who she is today.

Kiley invites readers to join her in the process through thought-provoking questions designed to nudge them through their own past as they arrive in the present.

Susan never stopped believing and clung to the belief that anything was possible. Discover the practical and key strategies she used to transform failures and create a life full of love and happiness. A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage takes readers on a brave, raw emotional journey to leaving the past and living in the present.

Inside This Book

This book contains…

PART 1: Resiliency

Learning to wear your scars with pride. 

Giving yourself permission to be imperfect.

Finding peace in battle scars.



PART 2: Heart & Soul

Fill your life with love. 


Being fully present.

Rise above the blame game.


PART 3: Strength

Stay true to yourself.

Listen to your heart.

Challenge the unknown.

Dream bigger than your fears.


PART 4: Leadership

Ideal person.

Love yourself. 

Be a better listener.

Your message matters. 


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About the Author

Next Steps…


“This book is a compilation of my life experiences from the past 40+ years. Lessons I have learned from failing and succeeding is contained within this book. I encourage you to take advantage of the extras that are included in this book, I truly believe that this book is essential for any person struggling in life.”

Susan Kiley

Founder of HSL Media

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Susan Kiley

Susan Kiley

Author, Book Coach


Susan Helps People Tell Their Stories by Tapping into Their Bold Message, Shape Words to Resonate with their Audience, and Produce a Story that has a POWERFUL IMPACT on the world!

Susan Kiley uses her extensive editing background and ability to “see through the words” to get your Story telling for success. She helps you eliminate book leaks, gain the clarity and confidence you need to position yourself, identify your own story strategy – based on YOUR goals and YOUR dreams – and ultimately, achieve growth + profit for MEGA results.

Susan gets your story rolling with winning solutions to define, create and cultivate true success in all areas – in life and in business. Susan is passionate about encouraging people to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures, starting today.

Known as the No BS Book Coach, Susan inspires and empowers you to move beyond dreaming of a better life to demanding it and making it happen. She is committed to helping you unlock the power of your story, the success you believe is possible, and the success you desire to emerge through you and for you.

If you’re ready to take control of your story contact Susan here: susan [at] susanrkiley [dot] com. 

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Changing your perspective can change your life. Telling your story doesn’t need to be scary – your story matters and can change a person’s life. 

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