BOOKS BY SUSAN KILEY TO INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, AND TRANSFORM. Could you be inspired, motivated and have your life transformed by reading these books daily? Resounding answer is YES!! 

Beating Burnout!

Releasing Winter 2021

From establishing a solid foundation with goals that you will love and believe in to planning your future, Beating Burnout delivers a comprehensive blueprint for creating a solid foundation for success in life (and business). Susan Kiley reveals the exact proven framework that her clients use to build solid foundations and find success.

Complete with no bs advice, repeatable, step-by-step strategies, and action prompts to help you to master success without burnout.

In Beating BurnoutSusan Kiley will walk you through:
→ PART 1: Your Foundation
→ PART 2: Goals for Success (and HAPPINESS)
→ PART 3: Time Management
→ PART 4: Beat Burnout For GOOD

→ 10 Perspective Mindsets That Matter→ 3 Action Steps to Change Your Perspective→ 10 Life Lessons

Susan will help you build a foundation for life (and business) success without burnout!

A RESILIENT SOUL: Perspective Shifts of Courage

Forgive the Past, Live in the Present, Change the Future.

Susan exposes how the ugly truths of our pasts keep us living in fear. How we use a negative passive perspective instead of a positive active perspective.

Susan asks the reader, “Which perspective would gain the greatest effect on my life and the life of others?”

Change your perspective of the past to live in the present. 

A Resilient Soul is not about forgetting or changing the past. It’s about strength. It’s about being courageous enough to speak your truth. To abolish the words, “not enough” and honor “enough.” To live in the present and not in the past.

A Resilient Soul explores the traumatic and courageous journey to living in the present.

*WARNING – this is not a book for the kiddos. It is a book produced for adults. That means adult language, adult themes and adult topics.

Never Lose Faith Book by Susan Kiley

Never Lose Faith: Strength For the Journey

There’s never been a better time to get a healthy dose of motivation and monetize your dreams.

Now is the perfect time to pursue your dreams – bring extra cash into your life – and stop living in fear and loving with regret. 


In Never Lose Faith, Strength For the Journey, Susan Kiley will help you with: 

    • A plan to get you out of fear, regret and living in the past

    • An understanding of how to flip the script on how you speak to yourself and to your dreams through healthy habits

    • Motivational and happiness strategies that actually work and give you strength

    • Confidence and love to overcome fear and create your version of life balance to live in the present

Susan will help you pursue your dreams through living in the present and leaving the past where it belongs, in the past. You can do this. It’s time for you to live your life without fear and love without regret!

extraordinary ways to simplify your life

The purpose of this book is quite simple: feature extraordinary ways to simplify your life that bring peace and joy.

Unlike other helpful books, you won’t find any “filler” ways here – only the best of the best (at least in my forty-plus year opinion). It’s Susan’s hope that these ways – from smelling the flowers to dancing in the rain – will truly be an inspiration to you, wherever you happen to find yourself on life’s journey.

To peace, joy, and a simplified life.

Extraordinary Ways to Simplify Life Book by Susan Kiley
Happiness Life Plan


A practical guide for everyone… 

With humor and wisdom, Susan expertly tackles the fear of happiness, being alone and choices you make daily determines your happiness.

Each chapter is a gold mine of discovery as Susan guides you to find your purpose, improve your relationships, and ultimately take control of your life. Are you ready for the tools to break free of your current situation – take back your life and ultimately happiness every day, this is a must have.

Less anxiety. Less overwhelm. Less fear of control.

Today is your day! 

Words on a Page


School… For Brianna Kiley, it’s sitting through the monotony. 

Thankfully her classes are filled with jokesters, arguers, and the shy. There is never a dull moment in the middle school hallways or the cafeteria. 

Words on a Page is filling the ‘boring’ days of school with poems, short stories, and drawings.

Includes the unillustrated copy of Blorbs Adventures, by Brianna Kiley, and Rumor Has It, by Susan Kiley, a youth fiction series book. 

BRIANNA KILEY has written since she was old enough to hold a crayon, leaving her autograph on a wall in a hair salon (in 2010).She draws inspiration from school, her friends, her time in sports, and of course, her two rowdy brothers and dog, Kenzie.

“Inspiration is everyone; you just have to pay attention.” 


What People Are Saying...

A Feel Good Book...

A feel good book, makes a great gift! Received a copy during a recent writer’s workshop. Enjoyed the extraordinary yet actionable ways to simplify life. The book is like speaking with the author, or hearing her in person.

Even for the Busy...

A simple, quick, very enjoyable read with a true bit of real wisdom for everyone. A great gift for the Self

Love this book!

Listening to this audiobook made me smile. I know it’s geared toward woman, but as a man I really enjoyed it! Very uplifting and motivating.


Ready to write your story? 

Grab a copy of …. 

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Susan Kiley is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Susan Kiley SUCCESS YOU Transformational Programs; coaching and training focused on helping SAHM’s, entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of their potential through content creation and leveraging A.C.T. (Accountability. Clarity. Transformation) for greater happiness. Susan is becoming a leading expert on writing, content creation, entrepreneurship and transformation. Success You is a growing business in the personal and business development industry.

Susan’s books are being downloaded around the globe. Susan’s life and business coaching programs are helping SAHM’s, entrepreneurs and people like you achieve the highest levels of personal and professional happiness.

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