My bestselling books serve your most daring, powerful, passionate self – whether you’re at the starting point of telling your story, ready to serve the masses, or want to shift the way you live, make money and enjoy life. 

These books cover everything from changing your perspective, to building incredible routines and rituals, writing resources and what potential best next moves are. These books are meant to uplift, inspire and add a little more to your life.


Never Lose Faith, Strength For The Journey

For all those who want to live without fear and love with regret. A book not about God…
Are you:
Done talking about your dreams and wishing your life was different?
And, are you…
READY to start NEW HABITSLIVE the LIFE you’ve always wanted, and start enjoying THE LOVE YOU HAVE?
When you keep the faith on your journey, you…
Have the power to influence.
Have the power to change.
Have the power to control.
And when you look at your journey from that perspective…
You begin to see things differently.
You begin to feel things differently.
You begin to think about things differently.
When that happens, you start putting into place a powerhouse of building blocks that enable you to:
It’s the internal work. That’s the most powerful and biggest game-changer.
Never Lose Faith: Strength For The Journey.
You can live without fear and love without regret.

A Resilient Soul

A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage is the bold and raw account of how at forty years old, Kiley found her purpose by changing her perspective.

Kiley reexamines her journey to the present – embracing all the imperfections that make her who she is today.
Kiley invites readers to join her in the process through thought-provoking questions designed to nudge them through their own past as they arrive in the present. 
Discover the practical and key strategies she used to transform failures and create a life full of love and happiness. 

Extraordinary Ways to Simplify Life

The purpose of this book is quite simple: feature extraordinary ways to simplify your life that bring peace and joy. 

Unlike other helpful books, you won’t find any “filler” ways here – only the best of the best (at least in my forty-plus year opinion). It’s my hope that these ways – from smelling the flowers to dancing in the rain – will truly be an inspiration to you, wherever you happen to find yourself on life’s journey. 

To peace, joy, and a simplified life.

Words on a Page

The imaginary world of a pre-teen battling boredom during school.

The book is meant to inspire writing and creativity in others.

The poems are silly. The short-stories are heartwarming and encouraging of a young writer’s imagination.

Brianna paired the lighthearted and playful verses with simplistic illustrations of graphic artist from around the world.

“If you have a desire to do something that fills your heart with joy, go and become what you desire!” 

Never Lose Faith

Are you READY to start NEW HABITS, LIVE the LIFE you’ve always wanted and enjoy THE LOVE YOU HAVE?

When you look at your journey from that perspective… you begin to see things, feel things and talk about things differently.

When that happens, you start putting into place a powerhouse of building blocks that enable you to:


It’s the internal work. That’s the most powerful and biggest game-changer. 

90Day Book Challenge

Love Struck

Somewhere in this world there is one person you are destined to meet. 


Katie Larson has every reason to be happy—she’s dating the rising soccer star Brett Johnson. He’s every girl’s dream and has a bright future. Then, she meets country singer Travis Johnson. He’s a simple and down-to-earth guy, everything Brett is not, while avoiding the public life for a more quiet one.

Katie has no idea that her perfect boy is none other than, Travis Hunt, country musician sensation. Life goes from happy to complicated for Katie as she must choose who she wants a future with, if either.

Love Struck is a story about choices, the price of happiness, and friends that will resonate with readers everywhere.

Cabin Fever


For months, Andrea Walters had been struggling to finish her next hit song. The recording company she worked for, Great Hill Records, had been pushing her to pump out songs, but none of them felt right. Inspiration drained she needed a change of scenery. She rents a cabin in Canada.

Jason Rutter, a well-known movie director needed a fresh place to recharge his batteries and get his groove back. He rents a cabin in Canada.

She’s bitter and looking for inspiration.
He’s arrogant and doesn’t want to be bothered.

What neither expected was to find inspiration and love.

Also includes an excerpt from, Love Struck and Crossed Up.

Crossed Up


Baseball catcher Callen Moore doesn’t want to be tied down or anyone messing with his game. When a beautiful Meg Donohue, scout out of New York, shows up at a game, he brings out every trick to win her over and take her home. 

But soon he learns that he doesn’t just want to be “called up” or a one night, he wants a forever…

She’s sassy and not looking to fall into his bed. She has one mission: scout his talents. Instead, she finds herself scouting his talents between the sheets. 

She never wanted to love a baseball player…

Also includes excerpts from, Cabin Fever and Kissing Cousins.

Kissing Cousins


It’s not you; it’s me . . .

When her long-time boyfriend, Drake, dumps Samantha, she is angry. But now, after learning he died in a car crash, she’s devastated. Anger, guilt, and sorrow cloud Samantha’s mind, and the last thing she wants—reminded of her pain—but that’s precisely what happens when a stranger occupies her cottage.

Grant Thielen has been chasing after his older cousin for more than a dozen years, but his company can’t get off the ground. While grieving the loss of his cousin, he decides to rethink his life at a secluded cottage his cousin always spoke about.

Still feeling the pain of Drake’s death, Samantha and Grant must learn that they can step from the shadows and learn to be their own person, and give into desire. And if they can, something magical may rise from the ashes of heartbreak.

Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island where forbidden desire just might turn into the love of a lifetime…

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