Behind a Multi-Millionaire’s Incredible Finances in 2021

Making millions in 2021 without social media and during a pandemic? Leonie Dawson is taking you behind the scenes of her finances of 2021 in her latest course offering.

Multi-Millionaire Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson is an artistic introverted entrepreneur that doesn’t fit in a box. She is a best selling author, creative educator and blogger. She is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.

Fun fact: Leonie’s parents are cattle farmers. When she was younger, they told her she can’t open a business because businesses are likely to fail. When she finally made the decision to start a business, she had to “come out” to her parents about it.  They told her that there isn’t a lot of money in art and coaching. She told them that there isn’t a lot of money in cattle farming either!

Finances of a Multi-Millionaire

Multi-Millionaire, Leonie Dawson shared this with her loyal supports via an email earlier today:

I’m doing something a wee bit scary… but I think it’s important to do. I’m giving you a no-holds-barred, honest & real backstage tour of my finances in 2021.

You’ll get to find out ALL THE GOSS including:

😮 my exact net worth right now
💸 what I’m currently investing in (it’s NOT cryptocurrency! HA!)
💡 what product is the biggest income source for me – a whopping 80% of my money!!!
🧮. what ALL my income streams are
📚. the best money books I’ve read in the last 6 months
🎁. how much I donate to charity & how I choose who to donate to!

There’s no smoke & mirrors or vagueness here. Just real, practical insights of how a multi-millionaire creates & nurtures their cash.

Click hereto snaffle it up for just $5 for the next 3 days! (this is an affiliate link and this is a limited time deal) 

Imagine a self-made multi-millionaire has invited you into their office and opened up their financial files to walk you through, step by step. That’s what this workshop is.

It is SO important for women to talk about money & finances like this. It’s how we learn, grow powerful & become prosperous. Let’s not keep wealth a hidden secret available only to straight white dudes!

I can’t wait to see what abundance you create because of it.

Big love,

Multi-Millionaire Leonie Dawson


Yes, I made the ridiculous investment of $5! It’s an insane price for a wealth of knowledge from an environment-conscious, money-giving creative human. 

Beautiful images from her sales page if you want the snippet version before you decide to invest. After Leonie’s introductory sale, the price will return to normal… what is that price? No clue, but it will not be $5! 

Now, some probably don’t know Leonie, so you can jump to the time I was privileged to interview her during a snowstorm. Or, you can check out Leonie’s website – she is creative, imaginative, and such an incredible, giving human being living in the beautiful country of Australia!

Multi-Millionaire Finances

Interview with Multi-Millionaire Leonie

Two ways to experience my interview with Leonie Dawson – multi-millionaire working less than 10hours a day! Check out the podcast via your favorite platform or go to Success You’s YouTube channel.

Hold onto your seats and get ready to laugh your hiney off – as we go on a roller coaster of a ride!

Behind the Multi-Millionaire Finance Class

multi-millionaire class

When will you get access?

Even if now is not the time to get an up-close and personal look at multi-millionaire’s finances, that’s okay. I found the class to be eye-opening in that Leonie isn’t trying to be someone she is not – for the sake of more money.

What the entrepreneurial world needs are a whole lot more of Leonie’s! A word of caution, though, she uses what some might consider offensive language – she swears. 

Let’s be honest, when I first took one of her classes, I was watching with my young daughter (40 Days to a Finished eBook), and one of the swear words popped out. I never realized what you see is what you get – meaning that following her for quite some time on social media was no different than how she taught her classes. 

Why is this important? WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! I can’t stress that enough when new writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs are searching for courses, mentors, and coaches. If what you see on social media is not the same as when you know the person is teaching or on a call as a potential coach – RUN! 

Yes, all day long to learn from those multi-millionaires who are transparent, giving, and unapologetic of who they are as humans (and business owners)! Just my humble opinion of over two decades as an entrepreneur. 

Grab Behind a Multi-Millionaire’s Finances of 2021 before it’s gone! 

Connect with Leonie…

Artistic Introvert Leonie Dawson

Instagram: @leonie_dawson

Facebook: @leoniedawsonauthor

Courses by Leonie

*I am an affiliate of Leonie Dawson. Purchasing from my link provided, I will make a small commission.  

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  1. Is she just for women, do you know? I’d never heard of her, but I follow your blog and found this interesting. I missed the deal, so I’ll see what it costs now. Thank you for sharing. Curious how has an affiliate you make any money on a $5 course? If it’s a flash sale, how does that even work? Hmm. Maybe find someone else to be an affiliate for?

  2. The price is now $7. Ha! Not trying to be cynical, but that’s a $2 increase. Is this course even worth it for less than a McDonald’s value meal? Most millionaires won’t even bend over for anything less than $997. They value themselves more than $5 or $7.

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