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trickling water greenary
Photo Source: Susan Kiley

Rarely is the beauty within celebrated because we live in a world where our attention is constantly directed at the outer beauty – social media, a major contributor of this misguided celebration.

Beauty Within to Be You, the way God intended"

Beauty Within . . .

Have you ever experienced a photograph that captivates you? The magic a photo possesses is remarkable – most often then not – we fail to see the beauty within

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” an expression of artistic freedom . I’ll be the first to admit, that while I love art, I sometimes have found myself staring at a picture (a painting by a famous dead person) wondering what in the heck am I not seeing. Why do I not get it? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Photo Source: Susan Kiley

As an author, photographer and lover of humans, I am constantly looking at:

  • Common to find unique qualities
  • Unordinary and delishiously fascinating
  • Unique objects and people
Photo Source: Susan Kiley

While our environment is a wealth of inspiration to bolster one’s creativity, I find myself often wondering more about what lies within, especially with people.

My favorite photographs are the ones where I get to speak to a person and find their true beauty within. The essence of who they are, where they’ve been and where they hope to go. 

Despite many find this journal post a bit rambling, I’m okay with that, I guess we all find ourselves from time to time to be a bit rambling. I’m not a famous poet, painter or photographer. I’m an ‘ordinary’ person from the outside with amazing beauty within. 

Often I find myself just looking – wondering – why does the world not believe this person, or that object is beautiful? How is it that ‘whatever’ or ‘whomever’ is considered more beautiful than what I am currently looking at? 

I’m often baffled that society places such a significant importance of ‘fake’ over ordinary, ‘ugly within’ over ‘beauty within.’ I guess, because I’m raising a daughter, who, is stunning in her unique ways on the outside and has an absolute beauty within, but no one can truly see the beauty within. 

Beauty Within
Photo Source: Susan Kiley

I ❤️ taking photos, capturing the beauty within.

Capturing the Beauty Within

My passion, since the age of 4, was to capture the beauty of all things – living and not. Of course, I find great pleasure photographing humans. Humans are incredibly complex beings – full of emotion and beauty. Though, many times, beauty within is hidden from others to see. 

Photo Source: Susan Kiley

I believe we should live an unedited, raw and natural life. We shouldn’t be afraid of others and their opinions because we can never satisfy or make anyone 100% satisfied with our beliefs or our beauty.

Anyways, my last picture is of a hot, sweaty me on the golf course enjoying the beautiful, yet hot summer day. 

I guess I should say incase you’re wondering: You don’t need a perfect face, body or edited selfie to be able to show your beauty within. 

You actually don’t even really need a fancy camera at all. I’ve taken photographs for years with a basic camera. I’ve chosen to not use editing software or fancy techniques to make photos shine, especially those of people. Most of all, I like to show the beauty within of what I photograph. 

I love artistic expression and freedom. 

I love the power of positivity. 

I believe in resiliency and empowerment.  


With much ❤️ and GRATITUDE,




Susan R Kiley is an author, content creation expert, blogger, podcast host and YouTube host. She provides real-world information on how to build wildly happy and successful businesses using content without overwhelm. The Success YOU podcast is all about empowering today’s content creator, aspiring writer and YOU to finally do the dang thing and start doing today that truly makes you happy! Susan also runs a digital agency, Kiley Media.

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