Beauty Within: Journal 2017

Photo Source: Susan Kiley

Rarely is the beauty within celebrated because we live in a world where our attention is constantly directed at the outer beauty – social media, a major contributor of this misguided celebration.

Beauty Within to Be You, the way God intended”

Beauty Within . . .

Have you ever experienced a photograph that captivates you? The magic a photo possesses is remarkable – most often then not – we fail to see the beauty within

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” an expression of artistic freedom . I’ll be the first to admit, that while I love art, I sometimes have found myself staring at a picture (a painting by a famous dead person) wondering what in the heck am I not seeing. Why do I not get it? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Photo Source: Susan Kiley

As an author, photographer and lover of humans, I am constantly looking at:

  • Common to find unique qualities
  • Unordinary and delishiously fascinating
  • Unique objects and people
Photo Source: Susan Kiley

While our environment is a wealth of inspiration to bolster one’s creativity, I find myself often wondering more about what lies within, especially with people.

My favorite photographs are the ones where I get to speak to a person and find their true beauty within. The essence of who they are, where they’ve been and where they hope to go. 

Despite many find this journal post a bit rambling, I’m okay with that, I guess we all find ourselves from time to time to be a bit rambling. I’m not a famous poet, painter or photographer. I’m an ‘ordinary’ person from the outside with amazing beauty within. 

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Often I find myself just looking – wondering – why does the world not believe this person, or that object is beautiful? How is it that ‘whatever’ or ‘whomever’ is considered more beautiful than what I am currently looking at? 

I’m often baffled that society places such a significant importance of ‘fake’ over ordinary, ‘ugly within’ over ‘beauty within.’ I guess, because I’m raising a daughter, who, is stunning in her unique ways on the outside and has an absolute beauty within, but no one can truly see the beauty within. 

Beauty Within

Photo Source: Susan Kiley

I ❤️ taking photos, capturing the beauty within.

Capturing the Beauty Within

My passion, since the age of 4, was to capture the beauty of all things – living and not. Of course, I find great pleasure photographing humans. Humans are incredibly complex beings – full of emotion and beauty. Though, many times, beauty within is hidden from others to see. 

Photo Source: Susan Kiley

I believe we should live an unedited, raw and natural life. We shouldn’t be afraid of others and their opinions because we can never satisfy or make anyone 100% satisfied with our beliefs or our beauty.

Anyways, my last picture is of a hot, sweaty me on the golf course enjoying the beautiful, yet hot summer day. 

I guess I should say incase you’re wondering: You don’t need a perfect face, body or edited selfie to be able to show your beauty within. 

You actually don’t even really need a fancy camera at all. I’ve taken photographs for years with a basic camera. I’ve chosen to not use editing software or fancy techniques to make photos shine, especially those of people. Most of all, I like to show the beauty within of what I photograph. 

I love artistic expression and freedom. 

I love the power of positivity. 

I believe in resiliency and empowerment.  


With much ❤️ and GRATITUDE,









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