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Ep 19: Amisha Shrimanker

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Amisha Shrimanker

Words move people to take action. There are people in the world, like Amisha Shrimanker who can shape, twist, and create a story with words. But, there’s a craft to using words to convert people into customers. 

Now, there are numerous conversion copywriters in the world. According to my good friend Google, there’s an estimated 131,200 copywriters in the United States as of 2016 with an estimated growth by 7.6%. 

One of the first famous copywriters, Eugene Schwartz, worked only three hours a day! During the 1950s and ’60s he mastered the art of listening to people and their wants.

“I write with my ears.”

How did Mr. Schwartz do this? Well, check out this article on famous copywriters after you listen to Amisha’s interview. And, if you aren’t compelled to read the article, here is a little bit of what Enchanting Marketing, wrote regarding copywriters. 

First, Schwartz listened to a product owner to learn as much as possible about a product—what it does, what proof exists that it works, why it’s better than the competition, and who likes it and who doesn’t. 

Next, he’d listen to customers to check out the owner’s story, and lastly, he’d try to find out more about competitors.


How To Write Better Copy? 

After all the listening, the copy almost wrote itself. Schwartz picked the best snippets from the interviews and arranged them in a logical order for his ads. That process still works today!

Similar to Mr. Schwartz, Amisha Shrimanker uses the same strategy to write compelling copy that converts for her clients. 

All good copy starts with listening and with creating an inventory of arguments about why people would buy.


Quick Tips Learned from Studying Famous Copywriters: 

    1. Don’t fluff, be factual.
    2. Tell people ‘why’ they should invest in you.
    3.  Listen then ask. 


Amisha is an incredible listener; even if you’ve never seen her work, you’ll want to check out her course after this episode. 

As a married mom, Amisha has a few things to say – and she speaks straight from the heart without the bull larky! 

She’s an incredible talent, and I’m thrilled to have her on Success YOU

In this podcast episode, Amisha Shrimanker talks about copy that converts and sales copy strategies. 

And, we talk a whole bunch of other stuff! Grab your favorite cup and join in on the conversation… YOU don’t want to miss this one!

Amisha Shrimanker Copywriter

About Amisha Shrimanker

Amisha Shrimanker is a conversion copywriter and a launch strategist. 

She writes personality-based launch copy for course creators, coaches, and membership site creators. 

She’s made her clients mid to high six-figures in a single weekend with her launch copy. 

Amisha specializes in sales page copywriting and has a digital product that teaches non-copywriters how to write sales copy

When she’s not writing copy for her clients, she’s busy playing mom to her two kids, biking in the park, and adding exotic destinations to her travel bucket list. 

If you’re ready to unlock copywriting secrets, grab tips on copy strategies, and start making money as a copywriter, don’t miss Episode 19, Amisha Shrimanker on Success YOU! 


    • How the heck did you become a copywriter? 
    • What are the pitfalls of being a copywriter?
    • What are the joys of copywriting? 
    • What is the #1 mistake you see most people make when trying to write copy? 
    • What do you love most about running your own business? 
    • What are your thoughts on the ‘build a tribe’ or buy into group coaching programs?
    • What is the BIG program you recently launched? And, what advice would you give to others wanting to become a copywriter?


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