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Susan is “that girl” who dreams BIG and desires more for others. She is committed to inspiring as many people as she can during her lifetime… Live a life of SUCCESS… SUCCESS YOU! 

Mom + entrepreneur + diamond in the rough + authentic bada = NO BS coach! 

"Anything is possible if you believe"

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“Changing my perspective on the words I used to define who I was granted me freedom.”

“SUSAN KILEY is one of the most tenacious, persevering individuals who lives, speaks and encourages others to share their stories, live their best lives and be happy.” 

From having everything to a struggling single mom with a plan to end her life to a successful author and entrepreneur, Susan’s courage and determination propelled her to creating SUCCESS YOU

My moto is simple:
Inspire More. Create More. Earn More.

Only when your misery outweighs your fear will you make a change.”

You're here because it's where I've been...

Are you…

→  Confused, exhausted, or uncertain of what you’re truly meant to be doing in life?

→  Sick of being sick and tired of your current lifestyle?

→  Ready to launch a business but panicking at the thought of doing it all with little money?

→  Hungry to step into real, unshakeable confidence and stop being someone else?

→  Have a story to write?

→  Want to make a change in your personal life?



And if you’re anything like I was in 2005, you’re unsure about HOW you’re supposed to get there.

Today, I’m a life, business and marketing coach, empowering people around the world to discover their authentic self, launch their dream businesses and make an IMPACT on the world through A.C.T. (Accountability. Clarity. Transformation.). 


Needless to say, the leap from professional SAHM to life and business coach is not a natural transition…

So you’re probably wondering how I got to here… 


My Story...

About a decade ago I realized I was in dire need of help: alone and suicidal.

In terms of my career, I had a mediocre career as an inventor, business owner, entrepreneur and author. Then, divorce and multiple health crisis struck.

Despite my once personal success none of it was ever enough. I was never enough. I lived in a world of comparing myself to others. I lived in the past of what happened to me. I withdrew from relationships and life. I eventually got sick of constantly living in some form of stress, anxiety or overwhelm. I got sick of being sick

In 2012, at age 38, I realized my life had become unmanageable and I started seeing a therapist and working on finding me and happiness. 

Therapy helped me develop the skills I needed to be able to accept what I couldn’t control, and to change the things that I could. Most importantly it helped me develop a belief that I wasn’t alone. That somehow, within life itself, was this higher power surrounding me to achieve my greatest impact while creating a life I love. The Universe supported and pushed me. 

It’s as if the universe knows when we are ready… placing the right people in our paths or the books we need to read at an exact moment. People don’t always believe there is a higher power involved, but when life started rotating for the better for me, I took notice. One by one I found these extraordinary events happening and I began to see patterns and pieces of what would ultimately create a picture of a new, powerful identity and reality for myself. 

Years later, I’ve embraced me: Personal Imperfection.

I’ve studied many of the greats who have come before me. I’ve had mentors, coaches, therapists and teachers – help me unlock my truest potential. I’ve developed a regular practice of exercise, meditation, visualization, gratitude, and transformative personal practices that allow me to wake up each day knowing who I am, and how to live life powerfully, creatively and happy. And as I live each and every day, more and more free from the habitual patterns of who I thought I was – words, phrases, behaviors and patterns that kept me trapped, something incredible has happened . . . .


I discovered the ultimate happiness framework. A simple and powerful framework that will reshape a person’s life into an extraordinary life. 


And it is available to each and every one of us. I learned to DESTROY MY DRAGONS…

There are no exceptions. We are all powerful humans, and it is time now to start believing and, more importantly, living it. I hope you’ll join me on this extraordinary journey of life, entrepreneurship and transformation.


Here’s to SUCCESS YOU!


X, Susan Kiley

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Susan Kiley is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Susan Kiley SUCCESS YOU Transformational Programs; coaching and training focused on helping SAHM’s, entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of their potential through content creation and leveraging A.C.T. (Accountability. Clarity. Transformation) for greater happiness. Susan is becoming a leading expert on writing, content creation, entrepreneurship and transformation. Success You is a growing business in the personal and business development industry.

Susan’s books are being downloaded around the globe. Susan’s life and business coaching programs are helping SAHM’s, entrepreneurs and people like you achieve the highest levels of personal and professional happiness.

Who you are is more important than what you do"

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