Hi, I'm Susan 👋

Susan Kiley
I’m from “corn country” in USA. I’m divorced, mother of one girl, two boys, lover of building businesses, blogger, podcaster and YouTuber, and a geek with an obsession for content and marketing 🤓.

Ever since 1983, I followed my passion for building and running a business – success and failure at over 53 different pursuits.

I patented a baby product that was sold in retail and on-line sites. I also run several sites, including Kiley Media which serves businesses with websites, marketing consultation and content creation.  

I’ve always loved starting  businesses, but what I also discovered is my love for helping others, which is why I started my YouTube channel. If you’re anything like me, you know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together to run your business successfully.

I Simplify The Steps For You

My mission is to make the building a business much easier, understandable and more happy for you.

I simplify the steps from beginning to end – yes, I ‘dumb it down’ – without all the hype and fancy stuff so you can live a life of happiness and success.  I want you to take IMMEDIATE action, not get caught up in all the details and perfectionism. Trust me when I say this: If you get caught up in the details, you will fail, fall into debt and be really unhappy. 

Through the actionable training, tools and resources I provide on this website, newsletter, and YouTube channel containing tutorials, you’ll finally get the swift kick in the rear to FINALLY build that business with unshakable confidence to: 

  • Create a business you are passionate and happy with
  • Build loyal clients and fans 
  • Learn to use the best tools for your business
  • Get back time and find joy in your business


If you’re anything like me, you know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together to run your business successfully.

Success and Happiness
Susan R kiley

Fun Facts

My first (and last) job

At 8 years old, I started working as a newspaper carrier. Over the years I’ve done it all, and every J.O.B. has left me unsatisfied and unhappy. It wasn’t until I went full-time with my online business that I found satisfaction and happiness. 

Favorite Past time

I love watching sappy romance movies, golfing, being active outdoors and coaching volleyball. 

Family & Love

My three children are my life! They’ve grown into young adults through all the ups and downs life has thrown at me over the years. I share love with a generous, loving man whom I have been with for 8+ years. Our love story started on Match when I told him he was horrible at grammar because he said he was a grammar God, little did he know I was a freelancing editor. 😂 He has been through the dark, stormy and sunny entrepreneurial journey – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for his support! 

If I could start over

If I could go back to my first attempt at a business, I would tell myself to GO FOR IT, there’s no such thing as perfectionism, and yes, something is better than nothing. Over the years, I’ve found myself caught up in shiny objects, and all this does is keep you from succeeding and happiness. But, all my mistakes, failures and debts have made me the person I am today – stronger! 

How I got started as an entrepreneur

I built a blog while starting a dictation company for medical professionals. I used those skills to build another website for my patented project. And from there, I wrote and helped others write their books, build marketing campaigns, and learn all about business and online businesses. 

My proudest moment

Without a doubt… becoming a mother! After years of heartache, when I finally became a mother for the first, second and third time, I knew there would be no other proudest moment. 

My biggest 'failure'

I’ve had many, however one of the doozies several years ago was investing in an inner circle for a ridiculous $25,000 + that hyped and promised big results, but ended in $12,000 debt. What’s worse is that I took half the money from my kids’ college fund. BIG lesson learned. 

My guilty pleasure

Ice cream treats from a local family owned shop. They custom make a royal treat or me.