Hi, I’m Susan 👋

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I’m from “corn country” in the USA. I’m divorced, mother of one girl, two boys, lover of building content: blogger, podcaster and YouTuber (‘ish). I’m a geek with an obsession for content and marketing 🤓.

Since 1983, I followed my passion for building and running a business – success and failure at 53+ different pursuits.

Fun stats that mean nothing more than I get bored easily:

  • Patented a baby product that was sold in retail and on-line sites.
  • Owen a brick-n-mortar store.
  • On-Field Marketing Manager for an arena football team.
  • Trainer for a defunk restaurant chain.
  • Run multiple blogs/sites.
  • Owned a large traveling consignment business.
  • Participated in 50+ MLM’s, aka Pyramid schemes. 
  • Created a course on Happiness that 101 people bought.
  • Ran a couple mini-marathons.
  • Drove the Indy 500 track.
  • Skydived at 18 years of age. 
  • Wrote 30+ books, only published a handful.
  • Am a volleyball official – travelled all over the United States. 

I’ve always loved starting  businesses, but what I also discovered is my love for helping others, which is why I started my YouTube channel. If you’re anything like me, you know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together to run your business and life successfully.

I don’t have all the answers. And I sure the heck am NOT perfect, refined or polished. I don’t play by rules either. Maybe that’s why I’m not a millionaire. Maybe that’s why I’m happy’ish. I don’t think more money would make me happy, but I would have less stress! In any case, here’s more about ME.

I Simplify The Steps For You

My mission is to make building a business or writing a book or starting a blog much easier, understandable and more happy for you.

I simplify the steps from beginning to end – yes, I ‘dumb it down’ – without all the hype and fancy stuff so you can live a life of happiness and success.  I want you to take IMMEDIATE action, not get caught up in all the details and perfectionism. Trust me when I say this: If you get caught up in the details, you will fail, fall into debt and be really unhappy. TRUST ME… I KNOW! 

In 2024, I decided to say F’ OFF to online business and marketing. I finally came to the realization that I am not that good. I know a ton of shit, like enough shit to fill five states. But, I get bored too easily. I don’t want to be ‘stuck’ into one thing. I don’t want to teach people and then see them fail or do nothing with what I teach. I don’t want people to keep thinking, waiting, or spending money. I want people, myself included, to take action. I want you and ME to do what the F*** we want to do – no rules. 

Throughout this website, newsletter, and YouTube channel you’ll find all sorts of stuff:

  • Tutorials
  • Free stuff
  • Resources

There’s a lot of stuff. 

In January 2024 I started dumping my 1 TB of content from Google Drive onto my many sites. Why? Because I am a content hoarder. Everything is dusty and musty – time to clean and release to the world. I am not waiting for the perfect time. My life is half-over. I’ve taken the minimalist mentality, in my personal life and in the online space. 

2024 Susan Kiley Makeover

My first (and last) job

At 8 years old, I started working as a newspaper carrier. At 12, I won first place in a science-fiction short story writing contest. Forty years later, I continue to write. I may be a broke-ass writer, but I am loving every minute I spend writing – creating content – my way. 

Favorite Past time

I love watching sappy romance movies, golfing, being active outdoors and coaching volleyball. 

Family & Love

My three children are my life! They’ve grown into young adults through all the ups and downs life has thrown at me over the years. I share love with a generous, loving man whom I have been with for 8+ years. Our love story started on Match when I told him he was horrible at grammar because he said he was a grammar God, little did he know I was a freelancing editor. 😂 He has been through the dark, stormy and sunny entrepreneurial journey – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for his support! 

If I could start over

If I could go back to my first attempt at a business, I would tell myself to GO FOR IT, there’s no such thing as perfectionism, and yes, something is better than nothing. Over the years, I’ve found myself caught up in shiny objects, and all this does is keep you from succeeding and happiness. But, all my mistakes, failures and debts have made me the person I am today – stronger! 

How I got started as an entrepreneur

I built a blog while starting a dictation company for medical professionals. I used those skills to build another website for my patented project. And from there, I wrote and helped others write their books, build marketing campaigns, and learn all about business and online businesses. 

My proudest moment

Without a doubt… becoming a mother! After years of heartache, when I finally became a mother for the first, second and third time, I knew there would be no other proudest moment. 

My biggest ‘failure’

I’ve had many, however one of the doozies several years ago was investing in an inner circle for a ridiculous $25,000 + that hyped and promised big results, but ended in $12,000 debt. What’s worse is that I took half the money from my kids’ college fund. BIG lesson learned. 

My guilty pleasure

Ice cream treats from a local family owned shop. They custom make a royal treat or me. 😊

All About Me & Success You…

Just looking for an overview of the site? Start here.

Hi, I’m Susan – the human behind this blog

The “young” old version of me: In terms of my career, I had a mediocre career as an inventor, business owner, entrepreneur and author. Then, divorce and multiple health crisis struck.

Despite my once personal success none of it was ever enough. I was never enough. I lived in a world of comparing myself to others. I lived in the past of what happened to me. I withdrew from relationships and life. I eventually got sick of constantly living in some form of stress, anxiety or overwhelm. I got sick of being sick.

 “Changing my perspective on the words I used to define who I was granted me freedom.”

The “NEW” Older Me: 

I’ve studied many of the greats who have come before me. I’ve had mentors, coaches, therapists and teachers – help me unlock my truest potential. I’ve developed a regular practice of exercise, meditation, visualization, gratitude, and transformative personal practices that allow me to wake up each day knowing who I am, and how to live life powerfully, creatively and happy.

And as I live each and every day, more and more free from the habitual patterns of who I thought I was – words, phrases, behaviors and patterns that kept me trapped, something incredible has happened . . . .

I discovered the ultimate happiness and success framework. A simple and powerful framework (that destroy’s our dragons) that will reshape a person’s life into an extraordinary life (or at least I sure the heck it does). 

There are no exceptions. We are all powerful humans, and it is time now to start believing and, more importantly, living it. I hope you’ll join me on this extraordinary journey of life – creating, building, doing that I get to do. Impactful. Purposeful. Intentional. More happy and successful – or, at least on the path of personal growth. 

Let’s back up to move forward.

In 2012, at age 38, I realized my life had become unmanageable. I had a crisis.  I started seeing a therapist and working on finding me and happiness.

Therapy helped me develop the skills I needed to be able to accept what I couldn’t control, and to change the things that I could. Most importantly it helped me develop a belief that I wasn’t alone. That somehow, within life itself, was this higher power surrounding me to achieve my greatest impact while creating a life I love. The Universe supported and pushed me.

It’s as if the universe knows when we are ready… placing the right people in our paths or the books we need to read at an exact moment. 

People don’t always believe there is a higher power involved, but when life started rotating for the better for me, I took notice. One by one I found extraordinary events happening and I began to see patterns and pieces of what would ultimately create a picture of a new, powerful identity and reality for myself.

I realized I lived a life everyone else said I should live – a band-aid type of solution if you will. What I really wanted and needed – to live my life on my terms full of purpose, passion and impact. 

Only when your misery outweighs your fear will you make a change.”

My moto is simple:
Life’s too short! 

Who you are is more important than what you do”

What is Success YOU?

At its core level:

Success You (and moi) is creating the web’s most profound guide to the art of living a happy and successful life, whatever that means to you. There is no one way fits all type of living. Each person is unique, and so is their definition of happy and Success – we celebrate everyone! 

To get a deeper look into Success You and how it has evolved over the last ten years, check out: What is Success You?

What Success You values: 

Success You supports creativity in a diverse world because creativity is what makes the world unique – which is YOU!

Success You promotes finding your purpose because the journey of life is understanding and living in our purpose – everyone’s journey and purpose is unique. We celebrate every person’s journey. 

Success You celebrates words, audiovideo, art, poetry – every type of individual creativity space – for success and happiness. 

Success You creates and shares content through posts, books, and other outlets to impact the world. 

Learn more about Success You

What I do

Success You is my public life “playbook” where I’ve attempted to combine and align everything about myself: my personality, my purpose, my play, my life, my knowledge, and more.

Creating is my passion. The term I’ve found that best describes what I do is “creator” or “creativologist.” In short, the approach I take is self-taught + habitual reader + learner + passionista.

I’m not a Ph.D., professor, spiritual guide, marketer, artist, or influencer. Who am I then? I’m a single mom trying to be the best version of myself that can make the most significant impact in the world. I’m a resource of knowledge and creativity in business and life, while connecting the dots of happiness and success.

Success YOU doesn’t mean all successes. Success You is about the journey through life. I’ve had more failures success. I’m not afraid to shout it to the world (anymore). Why? Because I wouldn’t be where I’m at if I hadn’t failed.

There’s no one-size fit all ‘how to book’ for happiness or success. We’re all just trying to do the best we can with where we are in the moment. I am a single mom running a household of teenagers, multiple blogs, freelancing, coaching, learning, reading, writing – you’ll get snippets – so you spend more time living life.

That’s all Susan has for you!

When I’m not working, and if the Midwest weather is tolerable, I can often be seen enjoying the outdoors with our dog, Kenzie. If it’s not walking Kenzie, it’s me on the golf course, riding my bike, or playing frisbee golf. In the winter, I write and edit hundreds of photos I take during warm months.

kenzie Susans dog