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A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage

There’s never been a better time to allow yourself to forget about the past and start living in the present. 


Susan reexamines her journey to the present – her past, her purpose, marriage, divorce, suicide, and friendships – embracing all the imperfections that make her who she is today. 


Kiley invites readers to join her in the process through thought-provoking questions designed to nudge them through their own past as they arrive in the present. 

Susan never stopped believing and clung to the belief that anything was possible. Discover the practical and key strategies she used to transform failures and create a life full of love and happiness. A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage takes readers on a brave, raw emotional journey to leaving the past and living in the present. 


In A Resilient Soul, Susan Kiley will: 

♥ PART 1: Resiliency

♥ PART 2: Heart & Soul

♥ PART 3: Strength

♥ PART 4: Leadership

♥ Incredible resources available…

♥ The Resiliency Quiz & The Resiliency Wheel 


Susan will help you forgive the Past, Live in the Present, Change the Future. 

The first transformational (self-help) book by Susan Kiley 


A Resilient Soul Book Cover

We are all on a journey where wrong turns, mistakes, and regrets do not define us.

Susan Kiley