Post Challenge: Skyrocket Your Following in 45 Days

45-Day Post Challenge to Skyrocket Your Presence

For Story Creators, Entrepreneurs, YOU!

Posting is important. This is the assumption we start with here. If you’re laughing at this statement or do not believe me, I’ve got nada for you. I’m not kidding.

Even if you aren’t totally sold on ‘posting’, you know that social media, blogging, podcasts, videos, etc. or pieces of those are important to online success.

You need to understand your goals, your audience, your message, and your brand identity to do whatever it is you do, better. Correct? This is posting, ahem, content strategy.

“You need to build a strong foundation to have success.”

Developing a posting plan (content strategy) takes time. I’m not speaking of months or years, maybe an hour.

A quick overview of any post planning session or content strategy for personal or business reasons. Yes, even if you are posting just for yourself, you need a plan. Even if your plan is about chaos (because that’s how you’ve been posting), you need a plan.

4 Traits of a Smart Post Challenge

  1. Easy aka SIMPLE
  2. Transparent aka RELEVANT
  3. Appropriate aka TIMELY
  4. Effective aka USEFUL

A super simple, relevant, timely and useful way to smart post…begin with GOALS.

You need to understand WHY you are posting. Think of your short-term and long-term goals.

Maybe you want to increase your audience / reach. Maybe you want to sell 5 books, or increase the number exponentially over 3 months. Maybe you want to make $25,000 in a year just from your book, or as an affiliate, a freelancer, a business owner.

Whatever your goals, be clear on WHY you are posting in the first place. It can be as simple as: I want to create a place of happiness and joy – that’s it, nothing more. Okay, cool. You still need goals. Correct?

Post Challenge for Your People

Who Are Your People?

Who do you want to interact with in the virtual world via your posts, podcasts or emails. Who will see your posts the most (or who you want to see your posts). Think in terms of behaviors.


If you are an author, you want them to buy your book, correct? If you are a freelancer, you want them to hire you. If you are a comedian or a happy person, you want them to laugh or smile, or both.

Now… think HOW each of the behaviors relate to your goals, either long-term or short-term. If the behaviors you identified, buying your book, does not relate to a goal you’ve set, then get rid of it.

A great example of this is an eBook I came across in 2017, Plug & Play Content Strategy by Portent, by Augustin Kendall. There is a nifty chart a person writes a behavior in one column and in the second column, the desired benefit or what you want them to do.

Ex. Behavior: Becoming a raving fan. Benefit: Buying your book (s) or buying your program / services, etc.

The purpose of knowing the behaviors and desired results is being able to measure your long-term and short-term goals, this is especially important with posting (ahem, content strategy).

That’s why you don’t need to post chaotic. When posting, you need a concrete plan to build your audience. Stop wasting precious time. Stop being consumed by social media time suck. Stop feeling overwhelmed.

Get Organized

  1. Find a calendar that works for your posting schedule over the next 45 days.
  2. Start making a list of all the ideas you have over the next 45 days.
  3. Find inspirational photos you can use with your posts over the 45 day challenge.

45-Day Post Challenge

45-Day POST CHALLENGE is for YOU because you need a game plan to stop the chaotic posting, blogging, blabbing to gain fans… IT’S FREE, even better.

You need the challenge because you want a plan that is simple, relevant, timely and useful.

Just moments away from crafting a calendar that WILL help you start placing a posting strategy behind every piece of content (post) you create.

Here are your next steps…

The 45-day post challenge closed in 2021. It was a FREE program to get people (YOU) to write and create. However, you are welcome to do the challenge on your own. I believe you can do this… . I believe in your success!

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WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! Let’s get posting! Post whatever and any place you feel comfortable and safe… every. single. day. Below is an ice cream photo to remind me of summer, joy and living in the present. What about you? What will you post TODAY?

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